WATCH: Judi Dench Unperturbed By “Gay Homosexual” Son In New Clip

Each clip we see from the new Judi Dench/Steve Coogan pic Philomena only adds to our excitement over the flick. In it, Dame Dench plays a mother who teams up with a political journalist (Coogan) to track down her long lost son who wound up as a closeted official in the Reagan administration.

You may be crying spoiler alert, but it’s not the plot details of this (true) story that make the film special. It’s in scenes like this one where you see Dench nail a mother’s unconditional love, genuinely interested in what made her son tick rather than judging a lifestyle outside her sphere of experience.

That and it’s pretty funny to hear her learn a new gay lexicon.

Philomena is currently playing in limited release in select cities but will open nationwide November 27.