WATCH: Just Another Republican Billionaire Who Supports Marriage Equality

Yet another busy week for marriage equality — and that means we’re all one week closer to the day when we can finally, at long last, get married and have it count for real wherever we go.

You might never have heard the name Paul Singer (unless you work in hedge funds, in which case you probably hear his name every day). Singer’s one of the most important Republican fundraisers in the country, and he’s one of those forward-looking Republicans like Dick Cheney and Cindy McCain and Ken Mehlman who supports the freedom to marry. And he’s putting his money where his mouth is by starting a new PAC to support Republican candidates for office who agree with him.

Also making news this week is that dreadful new study that purports to show a link between gay dads and kids who grow up to be monsters. Click the video above, and let us please count the ways together in which this study is absolutely wrong.