They’re baaaack… the irrepressibly perky and sexually ambiguous Irish identical twin duo known as Jedward have been chosen for the second year in a row to represent their homeland in the Eurovision Song Contest, this time with the earsore song “Waterline”.

To call these lads fame whores would be putting it mildly. Born John and Edward Grimes in 1991, they shot to stardom on the UK’s X Factor in 2009 — and though they only came in 6th place, they were hard to forget with their half-foot high hair and schoolgirl-on-crack demeanors.

In early 2010, the twins released “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)“, one of their X Factor songs, a medley of Queen and David Bowie’s original 1981 hit with Vanilla Ice’s 1989 rap redux. Jedward’s version shot to the top of the Irish pop singles chart and nearly did the same in the UK, halting at #2.

Last year proved to be Jedward’s most stellar so far. In February, they were chosen to represent Ireland for the 2011 edition of Eurovision in Düsseldorf, Germany with their song “Lipstick“. Much as in X Factor, they didn’t win (placing only 8th), but their über-sprightly mirror-image existence was forever burned into the minds of an unsuspecting Europe.

Back closer to home, the twins appeared (as one unit, natch) on last summer’s Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, where, after utterly shamelessly surviving a host of potentially pride-crushing tasks (e.g., getting “vajazzled,” and being creepily forced to dress up as babies in nothing but diapers and bonnets for a day), they gleefully came in third place.

As divisive as their popularity has been in Britain, Jedward enjoys fairly widespread support in their home country of Ireland, as was proven a few weeks ago when they and their spacesuits were chosen to represent it for the second year in a row at Eurovision, the first time this has ever happened. This year, at the first semi-final on May 22, they’ll sing “Waterline”, an unfortunate song that wreaks of desperation to be several ’80s pop hits at once (Madonna‘s “Borderline”, et al).

For the record, Jedward aren’t (isn’t?) gay, and for all their girly and vaguely twincest-ish antics, they ultimately come off as far more asexual than anything else. But someone really should tell them that as long as they cling to a name mashup a la Brangelina, people can but wonder.

Images via SPAR Great Ireland Run and YouTube

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