WATCH: Kindergarteners Pay Tribute To Madonna With Amazing Version Of “This Used To Be My Playground”

Honestly, Madonna needs to be a requirement in all elementary curricula.

You may remember Mr. Avina’s kindergarten class striking a pose and generally gagging audiences with their class recital to “Vogue”—and if you don’t, stop whatever it is you’re doing and watch it.


Well, Mr. Avina and his legendary children are back with a 13-minute film, Miss Nelson Is Missing, which includes this rather fitting Madge-ical gem, “This Used to Be My Playground.”

It’s worth watching if only for the pint-sized shade being thrown by Miss Thing with the Capri-Sun, referencing that epic moment Madonna urged everyone to look up the meaning of “reductive.”

Congratulations to Mr. Avina since his kids are clearly reading at a college level.