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  • alanocu

    Uh yeah. He’s ugly, fat and bald. I wouldn’t go near him with my ten foot pole.

  • s.b.

    He should be a comedian

  • Zweegas

    Um, but the sex is the best part.

  • Allen D.

    @alanocu: There’s nothing sadder than people who immediately go to someone’s appearance in an attempt to cut them down. They’re usually pretty ugly themselves. Just saying.

    This wasn’t his finest hour, but his standup specials are hilarious! Love the CK.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @alanocu: Yeah. He’s also an immensely talented comedian, writer, and director. What the hell are you? Some dime-a-dozen bitchy queen?

  • Coffee&Chicory

    Loooooove him

  • RomanHans

    I’m actually pretty offended by Jay Leno’s little addition. First he says straight guys have to wear primary colors. Then he says straight guys can’t wear taupe. Yeah, like all us gay men are looking for obscure shades for our clothes. We’re way too fastidious and fashionable to wear ordinary colors.

    Fuck him. The only taupe clothes in my closet started out white.

  • Owen

    “I can’t throw the word “wonderful” around.” LOL

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @alanocu: I’d take him any day over someone so ugly on the inside like you with black and viel blood!


    Love what Louis said about “well, everything but the sex part”! I feel that way about women too!

  • 1equalityUSA

    This clip was funny, but keep in mind this is the most T.V. I’ve watched in months. I thought Jay’s come-backs were good “Full head of hair, not ashamed of his chin.” I never heard of this comedian, but seemed very likable and smart. Thanks for the clip.

  • SFMatt

    Louis CK is a media whore and not even funny. He’s straight so why is this LGBT news?

  • Paul

    @alanocu: Yeah…you’re an ugly on the inside asshole. Louis CK rocks. @ SFMatt – don’t know if it’s totally LGBT news, but Louis CK is also a straight ally, so perhaps that’s why. He’s a hilarious comedian.

  • Unfunny

    Looks like Louis’ fanboys are all coming here to defend the unfunny idiot.

  • hrko

    Louis C.K. is funny and also a great ally. There’s a gay character on his show who is a completely average, well-adjusted guy. Those are the kind of representations we need in the media. Louis also makes a lot of jokes against homophobes. Love you Louis!

  • Chris

    @RomanHans: I think it was more of a rif on straight guys not using the word “taupe” , not the actual color itself. Example, to straight guys all blues from sky to navy, are simply “blue”

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