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WATCH: Michael Henry explores the pitfalls of being the boy on the ‘side’

Comic Michael Henry has once again waded into the realm of gay sex education, and, once again, we’re in stitches.

Henry’s latest video “I’m a Side” profiles the population of gay men who are averse to any kind of anal sex. Dubbed a “side,” they’ll do anything but…butt.

The scene finds Henry alongside a pair of friends discussing their sexual positions. One of them, Kenny (played by Michael Fariss), explains that he isn’t into anal sex, instead preferring just about any other form of physical affection. He finds topping and bottoming too strenuous.

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“I feel you,” Michael adds. “Every time I bottom I’m white-knuckling that headboard going heeeaacchhh…grrrr…”

“So you don’t like it?” Kenny asks.

“I love it,” Michael contends.

“Thinking that you have to have penetration in order for it to be considered sex is based on heteronormative culture,” Kenny explains. “There’s a lot more guys out there that are sides than you think.”

Hey, we get it. We’ve had a very good time with sides in the past.

Have a look at the video, and prepare to try something new.