WATCH: Microsoft Outlook’s New Ad Includes Gay Wedding

Following in the digital footsteps of Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite, Microsoft has launched a new ad for Outlook that incorporates a lesbian wedding.

In the spot, above, a woman shoots emails to various friends—including a woman who just tied the knot with her female partner.

“Things have changed significantly in terms of risk and reward,” LGBT marketing consultant Bob Witeck told the AP. “Businesses don’t view this as a risk model any longer.”

They have changed, but how much? Both the Paperwhite commercial and the Outlook clip only appeared online—where they can reach LGBT and progressive consumers without “offending” traditionalists.

We want to see an ad with a Midwestern farmer kissing in the cab of a Chevy truck, and we want to see it during Two and a Half Men.


h/t: Joe. My. God.

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  • CJ Sanders

    The post is wrong about the Paperwhite commercial only running online. I first saw the ad on broadcast TV. It airs all the time on the HGTV channel, for example.

  • Dionte


  • tetralix

    I have seen the Kindle Paperwhite commercial on several different TV stations, as well.

  • Lukesaysmoo

    My Mom called me when she saw the Paperwhite commercial on TV. I guess I’ll link her to this one so she doesn’t call when she sees it too…I can’t keep a boyfriend for more than 6 weeks definitely don’t need her worked up about marriage.


    Even though I think that this is a great step in the right direction, notice that it was a commercial of two women…not two MEN. Male homosexuality is much more threatening than female homosexuality to traditionalists.

    And as another commentator posted, I want to see this ad not only on HGTV but also on a local affiliate playing reruns of Two and a Half Men. :)

  • hyhybt

    “where they can reach LGBT and progressive consumers without “offending” traditionalists” is untrue anyway. There’s a whole industry whose purpose is to make sure those “traditionalists” stay worked up and which, therefore, will ensure they see the ads.

  • Genda

    Nice job, Microsoft.

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