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WATCH: The new ‘Knives Out’ has men in Speedos, musical numbers, and—yes—another mysterious murder

Screenshot: ‘Glass Onion,’ Netflix

Another mystery is afoot!

Rian Johnson’s whodunnit Knives Out has been one of the great cinematic delights of the past few years, understanding the principle that sticking a number of glamorous people in a room together and having them lob accusations at one another is (almost) always fun.

This year, Johnson returns to that surefire formula with Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, enthusiastically expanding the Benoit Blanc Cinematic Universe.

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Blanc, of course, is our curiously accented, muddled-metaphor-spouting private detective, played by former 007 Daniel Craig. After settling affairs at the Thrombey estate in Knives Out, he heads to Greece to solve a… mysterious mystery among a group of old friends.

The thrilling cast of suspects/potential victims includes *deep breath*: Kathryn Hahn as a New England politician, Leslie Odom Jr. as an acclaimed scientist, Kate Hudson as a so-called fashionista, Jessica Henwick as her assistant, Edward Norton as a Musk-ian tech mogul, Dave Bautista as a YouTube star, Madelyn Cline as his girlfriend, and ArchAndroid pop star Janelle Monáe as a tech entrepreneur.

Screenshot: ‘Glass Onion,’ Netflix

Interestingly, Ethan Hawke was, at one point, announced as part of the ensemble, but no details have been shared about his character—and he doesn’t pop up in the brand new trailer either! Where could he be?

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Despite being Hawke-less, the teaser does offer a number of delights, including: Queer icon Monáe looking as glamorous as ever, Bautista wearing nothing but a very tiny Speedo, Hudson apparently performing some kind of musical number, Cline brandishing a fishing harpoon, Hahn swearing like only Hahn can, and Craig looking positively fabulous in Blanc’s poolside attire.

Screenshot: ‘Glass Onion,’ Netflix

All other details are scant, and that’s exactly how we like it.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will premiere this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival before hitting theaters at a TBA announced date this fall. It will stream exclusively on Netflix beginning December 23.

You can watch the film’s thrilling first teaser below:

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