Watch Nine Straight Dudes Use Grindr For The Very First Time

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.17.42 AMYou may constantly bemoan the pitfalls of Grindr, but the location-based hookup app everyone loves to hate is something you totally take for granted, say these straight guys.

YouTuber Neil McNeil gives nine straight dudes a walking tour of Grindr in his latest video, “Straight Men React To Grindr”. Almost all of them admit how “amazing” and “convenient” the service is, and how much easier their sex lives would be if there were a Grindr for women — “girls don’t even take their tops off on Tinder,” one says, “that’s like frowned upon.”

After marveling at the copious amount of shirtless selfies on demand, attempting to translate some code (“ddf means down doggy fucking, right?”) and guessing our frequency of use (“constantly, probably”), nearly all of the straight dudes below say they’re jealous of the seemingly bountiful options available to gay men within 300 feet.

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  • Louis

    Let’s be honest 3/4 of these guys look pretty gay. *cue raging advocates of the evolution of gender stereotypes*

  • dragonboi

    Where were the straight men in this video?

  • crowebobby

    I read the comments before watching the video and thought: why can’t queens ever accept the idea that straight men really do exist? Then I watch the vid. You’ve heard the expression non-practicing Catholics? Well, at best, I can accept that some of these guys MIGHT be non-practicing homosexuals.

  • WuzUpYall

    “Straight” men keep me in business…the massage business that is ;)

  • David

    I confess I have never heard of Tinder. Say what you will about their sexuality but these are best kinds of straight guys. Comfortable in their own skin to even talk gay stuff.

  • Winter79

    Could someone please explain to this introvert how Grindr, Scruff etc. are actually supposed to work? Been on both for years and never got any further than “Hi”

  • rinzla

    There IS a straight version.. Blendr! Created by same people.

  • Seth82

    these guys are straight???

    could’ve fooled me.

  • dbmcvey

    In general, women don’t want random men coming up to them expecting sex.

  • dannysax

    So you’re gonna tell me this wasn’t staged by gay men pretending to be str8 and giving what they think str8 men might think of Grindr? I know the Str8 world uses DDF, unless you’re stupid enough to think no Str8 person has ever had an STD or HIV. I can see they may not be too acquainted with BB, but there is still the choice whether or not to use condoms in Str8 sex. You think no Str8 guys have gay acquaintances, friends, or family? They are not all blissfully ignorant. And that little geek with the Godzilla shirt with the RAINBOW fire breathing was so gay. The really cute one with the blue eyes looked very yummy. The guys were all chosen because they depicted different physical types of so-called Str8 men, but I’m not buying it one bit.

  • robho3

    This clip is hilarious!

  • Marvymiller

    Funny video, this is pretty much how my straight male friends reacted when I showed them Grindr. They were pretty much jealous :)

  • Michael

    PLEASE if they are all straight men then I’m the Pope.

  • gskorich

    i was waiting for the end to see if this was a grindr production.

  • antgly

    It’s funny how stuck in their heads the video producers are that they couldn’t even hire real straight men for this video.

  • DuMaurier

    @antgly: Doesn’t seem like it would’ve been hard to do, right?

  • antgly

    @DuMaurier: Not really. Just use your own staff.

  • spanky

    Those are not straight men!!

  • OzJosh

    About five of these guys are more camp than any gay guy I know. Surely this is a lazy promo for Grindr made by dopes too lazy to find actual straight guys.

  • DK

    I am notorious for having terrible gaydar. But even I had to go “wtf” listening to these talk? Straight? If these fellas are straight, then conservatives have been right all along about the feminizing of American men. Egads. I hear fewer high-pitched lisps at the neighborhood drag show on Monday nights.

    Gregory Peck wept.

  • queenrosered

    I’ve been an LGBT advocate for 3 decades and I have to say that right now, MOST of the comments here give me straight-up ass ache! Some of you seriously need to check yourselves. You KNOW who you are (you’ll be the ones giving me grief for daring to speak MY truth!)
    David at 2:08 pm has it right. My own het. hubby is a 2 purple-heart, 4 bronze star Army Ranger Vet of VN, he loves sports,is a musician and is a hot-blooded Italian male who also loves women/pu**y.
    He is also an LGBT advocate because he DOES feel comfortable around my gay friends (who are now also his friends)and just generally comfortable in his own skin and never feels “threatened” re: sexuality.
    At times like this, many of you put me in mind of grade-schoolers who can’t resist a good potty joke.Maybe THIS is part of the reason it has taken so long to get more straight males on board..ever think of that?
    And lest any of you think to “school” ME, let me tell you, he’s my 5th husband and I didn’t marry EVERY man that asked me (so many men, so little time!)so I’m not lacking in my own confidence, sexually. ;) Just saying…can’t we just see and appreciate how precious these guys are for participating? And how creative they are when they’re “guessing”? LOL!
    I’m not saying there couldn’t be 1 or 2 that are “questionable” due to their looks or the way they speak..but then, isn’t even that stereotyping? And don’t we want to get away from that? That’s all..just food for thought…

  • midwesternguy

    I have to say from the psychological perspective, this is a fun post! I do wonder though if this is really the first time for some of these guys:)

  • Bonerboy

    Oh come on. If you spend much time with younger straight men, it’s getting harder and harder to tell these days. I would totally believe most of these guys are straight OR gay. The thing that is throwing you off is none are “butch” straight. And they all are adorable.

  • Boytoy

    I love this.It’s great to see how comfortable straight guys are nowadays.Homophobia is really dwindling.

  • Clark

    I spent almost 8 minutes watching this and never saw a straight guy.

  • spencer87

    All I know is that I want the one with the tank top and backwards cap.So fucking hot and I believe with the right amount of alcohol,he’d be DTF.

  • AxelDC

    It’s nice to see that straight guys can be so empathetic to their gay bros. People are starting to see that gay guys are just guys who like guys.

  • RayJacksonMs

    @Winter79: Well that’s pretty much how Grinder works for most people unless you are in a big city with lots of people so you have a good chance of being someone’s type or you are really hot and just blurt out let’s fuck right off.

  • Nikkidane

    That’s hilarious. The idea of guys or women just hooking up for pure sex seems pretty depressing but I suppose it happens when the hormones start raging. At my age, that doesn’t happen very often…lol. Still, I think I’d much rather spend my time looking for someone who can connect on an emotional or at least friendship level, than just anonymous sexual encounters, especially with all the diseases out there but that’s just me. I don’t particularly like the idea of just being used for sex or being treated like a sex object. Men are definitely more physical and sexual.

  • dbmcvey

    Nikkidane, I think your reaction would be pretty common among women–which is why a straight Grindr wouldn’t work. Men (straight or gay) don’t typically think of it that way.

  • spanky

    Say What?

  • JaimeGandarilla

    1. If they are straight, I’m dumb and ugly.

    2. This oversexualization/de-subjectivation us gays put ourselves through will be our ruin…

  • queenrosered

    @Nikkidane: You see…it’s stereotyping like THIS that keeps men and women, both straight and gay, misinformed and in the dark/ignorant.
    At the risk of incurring some slut-shaming, I have always considered myself to be a “huntress” and as such I’ve always “hunted” and “brought down” my own “prey” lol. AS a highly sexual, multi-orgasmic women,I take offense to the statement “Men are definitely more physical and sexual” as my OWN experiences give lie to that clear fallacy.
    The reason as I see it, for assuming that men are “more sexual/physical” is simply societal conditioning (if you like it, you’re a shameful slut”, “good girls don’t do that” etc.)
    I’m not the only femme fatale, I can assure you. I came of age at the apex of the sexual revolution, thank GOD!(Can I get a A-MEN!?)
    Straight or gay,male or female, some people are just more highly sexed and less inhibited than others. Some watch and some DO.
    I suppose what I’m suggesting is that you speak for yourself, not for my gender as a whole. Thanks! ;)

  • dbmcvey

    @queenrosered, There are actual biological facts that make it easier for men to be sexually active. Men won’t usually have primary care of the offspring if one should result. Men’s sexual equipment make it easier for them to climax. Yes, there is social conditioning but you can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. The fact is, I suspect, more women (gay and straight) would feel like Nikkidane than would follow your example. Even if it’s social conditioning that’s the way it is.

    In regards to Grindr–do you actually want strange men coming up to you on the street expecting sex? I think even women who like to have multiple partners don’t especially want that.

  • queenrosered

    Thanks for the social-biological “lesson” lol..but as a retired nurse with 4 ex-husbands, married to my 5th (and last!) I have ONE child, my now-grown son.Unlike some women who had more children than husbands, I was always cognizant of the fact that children are forever (as they should be!) while men are like buses..another one comes along every 20 minutes, lol.
    While it’s true that women take a little longer to “boil” it is worth a little more “work”. We also can be turned on by sight and imagination. Fantasy plays a key role in a woman’s libido as does the ability to free the inhibitions placed there by societal mores.
    I can’t say whether or not I’d use a site like Grindr if I were single but I CAN tell you that in watching the Showtime series, “Gigolos” it is quite obvious that there ARE many women that feel as I do with regards to sex with handsome, “safe” strangers. We can have a great time with a hook-up and not have it be about love or a relationship.
    There are MORE of us out there than you imagine.And I’m not talking about nymphos, lol. Just hot-blooded females that truly enjoy sex.
    I don’t judge anyone as long as they don’t involve children, while engaging in consensual and SAFE sex. Period.
    “Free your mind, and the rest will follow”

  • dbmcvey

    @queenrosered I don’t disagree with you but I don’t think there are as many of you as you think there are. The vast majority of women do not want strange men walking up to them for anonymous sex. You can argue that they’re repressed–but that’s the way it is.

    Are you aware of the bordello in Nevada that had gigolos? There weren’t enough women who were interested so they lost their jobs. And really, you can’t act like a reality show is a sociological study.

    Yes, there are women who enjoy sex–but the number who want anonymous sex without emotional connected are still a pretty low percentage.

    By the way, writing “period” after a statement doesn’t make it true.

  • queenrosered

    @dbmcvey: You are correct in that writing “Period” doesn’t make it true for others.

    I’ve been a resident of Las Vegas since 1987.
    The gigolos I speak of are high-class “escorts”. They are hired online (a call can be made as well before any “assignment” is negotiated)
    It is all very safe and legal since an escort is legal and what you do as two consenting adults is between the two of you *wink*

    I am one of a private group of over 400 women from around the USA and Canada, all over the age of consent, who discuss such things (among other topics)and I can assure you that when personal judgements and inhibitions are removed, it is QUITE enlightening! THAT, if you wish to label it such, is my “sociological study” and not a reality show, lol.

    “Anonymous sex” as you call it, is a matter of semantics.
    For example, if I meet a man on my own and I find him desirable and he seems interested in me physically, how do I KNOW he is telling me his real name? How can I trust a situation (such as going to his place or taking him to mine) that can quickly become unsafe? How can I be assured he’s not a felon, etc.?
    Since no one would argue that a woman could physically overpower a man (gay men of course, also run this risk!)it becomes a dicier proposition to have a completely anonymous hook-up. That doesn’t mean the desire isn’t there. It simply means caution and prudence is highly recommended. Knowing that the person is who and what they SAY they are goes a long way towards a more relaxed and satisfying tryst.

    Again, the number of woman who engage in or would LIKE to engage in “anonymous sex without emotional connection” is obviously much higher than YOU were aware of. I don’t come by this truth from a reality show or articles on the internet.
    It WOULD be great to see a totally honest and unbiased poll/study with a large sampling though. Thanks and TTFN! \o

  • dbmcvey

    @queenrosered Everything you’ve said has convinced me you wouldn’t like Grindr.

    By “anonymous sex” I mean sex with people you don’t know and don’t intend to see again. Names are often not exchanged.

    By the way–I don’t think anonymous sex is a bad thing if that’s what you’re looking for. As long as it’s between consenting adults who are responsible for their own actions it can be great.

    There may very well be many women who would LIKE to engage in anonymous sex in an abstract way but that doesn’t mean that they actually WILL. Fantasy and actions are different things.

    I would also like to see a study.

  • queenrosered

    @dbmcvey: Oh dear, you ARE delightful! I’ve never passed judgement on Grindr one way or the other and certainly understand the anonymous nature of sexual hook-ups.An orgasm IS an orgasm,after all, isn’t it? And sex with a stranger can be exciting!(I say this from personal experience and with a great memory, lol)

    I certainly never said anonymous sex was “wrong” or “bad”.I’m all FOR consensual adult sex, be it man/man, woman/woman, woman/man, etc. SEX ROCKS!

    What I was referring to was a casual hook-up with a stranger when no one else knows where you’re going, who you’re meeting or where, etc.That’s not a judgmental issue coming from me but rather an issue of SAFETY.

    Just as there are some gay (and straight)men who refuse to use protection (ie:condoms) there are also always undesirables and dangerous people in today’s world.

    Grindr as I see it, is a way to MEET like-minded gay men in your area. Beyond THAT it would behoove a smart individual to arrange to meet in a safe or neutral location the first time. Let’s face it, that’s just common sense in 2014, n’est–ce pas?

    (Perhaps our little convo will inspire someone to do such a survey? lol)Later! \o

  • dbmcvey

    @queenrosered I think we’re misunderstanding each other. I don’t think I accused you of anything.

    And, I have to say that while you may see Grindr that way it’s really a way to hook up–and it can be dangerous.

  • queenrosered

    @dbmcvey: It can be difficult to get ones true meaning and intent across in a one-dimensional medium such as this. However, I fully understand the difference between “meeting” and “hooking up” LOL! Oh LAWD!

    That said, there is NO hook-up in this instance until you have TWO consenting adults,who initially make contact (meet in other words) on Grindr, correct?

    It is at THAT point that a person needs to make a decision as to how (or whether) to proceed.THEREIN can lie the real danger, proceeding without due caution. Anyone who holds that caution against you and refuses to take things any further is doing you a favor! Even if just initially for sex and nothing more, YOU have a right to respect your health and your person enough to not imperil yourself. Just move on to the next profile that interests you, lol. :) (No one in this case is expecting dinner and candlelit romance, etc… just down and dirty SEX!) I get it, lol.

    PS: I know you didn’t accuse me of anything.I feel we are getting to know each other…see how well that works? LOL! ;D

  • dbmcvey

    @queenrosered Meeting up for sex and nothing more is fine I think hooking up is fine as long as both people know what they want, but there are cases on Grindr where someon has let someone in their house expecting sex only to be robbed and-or beaten.

    I think, in general, women won’t take that chance as freely as men do.

  • queenrosered

    Oh my! (tongue firmly in cheek) Are you suggesting that women generally have more common sense and don’t often allow their libidos to override that common sense? Because surely that comes as a surprise to absolutely NO ONE, Hahaaa!

    The potential for danger exists anytime two strangers agree to hook-up.There is no denying that, not plausibly.One can be shot, stabbed or beaten as well as robbed anywhere though.A public restroom, a park, a house, motel, etc.

    So before engaging in any such activity, to borrow a scene from Dirty Harry, you just have to ask yourself “Do you feel lucky punk, huh? Well, do you?”

    I feel bad for gays in remote areas with no gay bars, etc. I truly do. It is still not an easy life (even though it can be and often IS fabulous!) and the NEED for apps like Grindr just make me that much sadder/angrier at people who still think it’s a CHOICE! WTF? Who would CHOOSE to feel lonely, afraid or alienated,ostracized in some situations etc?

    *sigh* I don’t have all the answers my friend…just when I think I do, there are even MORE questions.

    So I’ll just reiterate my statement as it pertains to the blanket statement made by Nikkidane (above) that “Men are definitely more physical and sexual”….Not true for all women, “It ain’t necessarily so”.. ;) Have a great night,bye for now \o I’m sure we’ll meet on queerty again! <3

  • Sicariius

    Heh, I actually know the guy in the rainbow dinosaur t-shirt and besides being super funny and talent, he is also very straight. Welcome to the new generation.

  • dbmcvey

    @queenrosered No, I’m saying most women don’t like the idea of strangers coming up to them on the street wanting sex so they wouldn’t sign up for it in the first place. Of course there would be some women who would–just like the ones who get murdered when they meet someone on Craigs List.

    Grindr is great for its purpose–casual sex, but don’t romaticize it. There’s a reason the heterosexual version hasn’t caught on–because women don’t want to be harrassed.

  • Architect8488

    I think most of these guys were straight. I bet one or two are gay plants at most. My reasoning behind this is that many of the guys reminded me of my straight friends who are young urban hipster nerds. Young generations of guys who grow up in predominantly larger cities are a little more effeminate in their actions. I think it’s a great thing. It definitely makes it easier to have them be a friend and an ally in the new millennium. Just cause they are comfortable around us and don’t get macho or squeamish at the thought of two guys being together doesn’t make them gay. It’s a generational change in perception of homosexuality.

  • Matt G

    Well I see all our armchair Kinseys, Masters, and Johnsons decided to come out to play

  • dbmcvey

    @Matt G: Because the whole discussion of how many of the guys are actually straight is soooo fascinating.

  • patricklee5150

    ALL of these guys on this video are so gay….stop playing us.

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