Watch Nine Straight Dudes Use Grindr For The Very First Time

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.17.42 AMYou may constantly bemoan the pitfalls of Grindr, but the location-based hookup app everyone loves to hate is something you totally take for granted, say these straight guys.

YouTuber Neil McNeil gives nine straight dudes a walking tour of Grindr in his latest video, “Straight Men React To Grindr”. Almost all of them admit how “amazing” and “convenient” the service is, and how much easier their sex lives would be if there were a Grindr for women — “girls don’t even take their tops off on Tinder,” one says, “that’s like frowned upon.”

After marveling at the copious amount of shirtless selfies on demand, attempting to translate some code (“ddf means down doggy fucking, right?”) and guessing our frequency of use (“constantly, probably”), nearly all of the straight dudes below say they’re jealous of the seemingly bountiful options available to gay men within 300 feet.