WATCH: Not Tonight Dear, Michele Bachmann Has A Headache

From Funny or Die and Bryan Safi (Current TV’s That’s Gay) comes a hilarious new installment of the misadventures of those wacky Bachmanns.  Seems Michele’s stuck in an Iowa cornfield with another one of her infamous migraines, but her macho man Marcus has the perfect solution. “I love weiners!” Us too, Marcus!

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  • Skeloric

    The guy playing Marcus played it way too straight, Marcus flames out more than that. LOL

  • Warped Sense of Politics

    Yay! I hate Michele Bachmann! I HATE her! So let’s trash her and her husband! Can we kill them while we’re at it? They’re so evil! Death to her sisters, her maids, the guy who picks up her trash—all things Bachmann MUST BE DESTROYED!!

    How utterly ironic that the one issue you see as her weakness is that a member of her family is allegedly a homosexual. I understand the whole issue of hypocrisy, but Jesus, I’d sooner take advice from a hypocrite than I would a hysterical reactionary. The gay community has put this woman upon a soapbox higher than she ever could have achieved on her own. Happy now?

  • Drew

    Iowa definitely does not ‘unwaveringly support’ Michele Bachmann. We have brains here.

  • Wil Boylan

    Anything that puts that Bitch Michelle Bachmann and her Flaming husband in a bad light…I am ALL about it…!! Please put more of Anti-Michelle Bachmann video up And I will definitely share…!

  • Fitz

    @Warped Sense of Politics: Please. The problem isn’t that he is a homosexual. The problem is that he is a faggot. Oh, that’s the word I use for closet cases who let their inner struggle as an excuse to destroy people. Oh, and if you want to talk hypocrisy– you have to include her work to dismantle social services while the clinic that she and Ladybird Bachman own bills MediCare for millions every year for this service.

  • Bobby In Seattle

    “…Where was I? Oh yeah, white people need more money.”

    That cracked me up! LOL

  • Robbie K.

    Mucho Love It :-)

  • Chuck

    They really have Ladybird Marcus Bachmann down.

  • Lefty

    @Fitz: Well said.

    Thanks for posting this, Dan.
    More Bryan Safi! That’s what we need…

  • velocifero

    Warped Sense of Politics: “Wah Wah Wah I am a crying NPR listening San Francisco Vegan black trans liberal campaigning for Ralph Nadar and pushing that stick up my ass pole of political correctness everyday.” Please are kidding me? The man is a crook. Gay reparative therapy is a bunch of snake oil and the man needs to go to jail for defrauding the government.


    I am freaking giddy with anticipation of all the fun we are going to have when all the skeletons that are piled up against the doors of the Bachman’s closet come tumbling out…………

    Like when some of the 23 foster girls they took in begin to surface, or some of the guys who Marcus’ “treatment” at his clinic to de-Gay the Gays begin to give interviews about just what kind of treatment Marcus has been utilizing there………

    They are going to find out that money can only purchase so much silence……

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