Scout's Honor

WATCH: Ousted Lesbian Mom Discusses Boy Scouts Review Of Anti-Gay Policy

CNN interviewed Jen Tyrrell, the lesbian mom and den leader who was booted from the Boy Scouts only because she is gay. In an interview with Soledad O’Brien, Tyrrell reacts to the news that the Boy Scouts will review its ban on gay leaders and scouts. When asked if the policy will be reversed in a year from now, when the Scouts said they’d discuss it, Tyrrell is hesitant and dubious.

“I’m unsure,” Tyrrell says, “They continue to say that they’re not going to make any changes, but I do feel that they’ll probably continue to say that until the day they do actually make the change.”

Tyrell remains very optimistic, “Just the fact that they are publicly saying that they are going to review it, whether it or not it passes or not, is, I think, unprecedented. I think that’s a huge step,” she said. “They’re taking a huge stride. Let’s not take that away from them. Along with President Obama, they’re evolving and hopefully eventually they’ll get there.”

Now that’s looking at the glass half full!