WATCH: President Bill Clinton Accepts His GLAAD Media Award

Last night, April 20, at the GLAAD Media Awards Los Angeles ceremony, recent trophy snatcher Jennifer Lawrence presented former President Bill Clinton with the Advocate for Change award.

GLAAD cites @PrezBillyJeff‘s advocacy for marriage equality in New York, opposition to North Carolina’s ban on gay marriage and his recent denouncement of the Defense of Marriage Act — which he signed into law in 1996.

Accepting his award, Clinton said:

“I want to keep working on this until not only DOMA is no longer the law of the land, but until all people, no matter where they live, can marry the people they love. I believe you will win the DOMA fight, and I think you will win the Constitutional right to marry. If not tomorrow, then the next day or the next day.”

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  • Ronbo

    Who is in charge of rewarding Clinton for pushing AND signing DADT? Clinton is the first of the DLC/Republicans (DINO) who worked hard to convert Democratic party into the Republican party. He pushed NAFTA, Outsourcing of American jobs, cut welfare, aborted single-payer healthcare (without a fight) and snubbed his VP’s Presidential bid for the whitehouse.

    Yeah, a real hero (to those on the right)!

  • Ronbo

    Forgot to include DOMA. The Clinton’s are locusts…opportunistic parasites without conscious. He was NOT trying to help us by pusing and signing laws denying us our rights.

  • kevininbuffalo

    OK so he wants to keep working till DOMA is no longer the law of the land. But if he hadn’t signed it in the first place, out of political expediency, it wouldn’t be the law! And GLAAD gives him an award! And being an old blue collar guy don’t get me started on NAFTA!
    This guy’s as phony as a set of purple teeth!

  • BJ McFrisky

    GLAAD has forsaken its mission and has adopted the predictable role of trying to be significant so that it can sponsor elitist events where they can clink glasses with the rich and famous. Credibility rating: 0.

  • jamesnimmo

    Ditto to #’s 1, 3, and 5 above.

  • Lefty

    What a tragic joke GLAAD has become.

  • balehead

    Both are just money hungry media whores now…

  • tookietookie

    I like everything I’m told to!

  • jeff4justice

    The 2party system sucks but LGBT mega groups and media keep ass kissing the Democrats.

  • John Doe

    Further proof that many in the gay community worship Democrats regardless of all facts. 5 years ago a Democrat could be completely pro-traditional marriage (like Obama and Hilary) and yet that particular Democrat got more praise and admiration than ANY current pro-equality Republican that stands up today in spite of opposition from many in their own party. Like I said, just further proof that the “D” is all that many in the gay community care about.

    It is quite sad and revealing how some people bow down to the Clintons and these recently “evolved” politicians that are only becoming pro-equality now that it is politically safe for them to do so. Where were they 5 years ago when the political tides were not safe? These are not true friends… if you happen to think that they are. They are nothing but politicians. How unfortunate that the immaturity of many has not yet realized these realities. They may be pro-equality now…. but they didn’t fight the fight 5 – 10 years ago. Even now Obama is still NOT full-equality…. as long as he considers marriage equality for gays to be a “states” matter.

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