WATCH: Seth Rogen Rides James Franco In Hilarious Homoerotic Parody Of Kimye’s “Bound 2”

James Franco and Seth Rogen just won the internet. The world wide web is officially closed for business. It’s been a good, or at least, a pretty naked and porny run.

While shooting their latest film, The Interview, the dynamic dude duo decided to do a shot-for-shot remake of humble hip-hopper Kanye West’s video for “Bound 2”, which famously features financed fiancée Kim Kardashian, topless and straddling him atop a motorcycle.

Franco and Rogen pay homage/poke fun at Kimye in a video that’s infinitely better and infinitely more tolerable than the original. Aside from getting all kinds of adorable — you can just, like, tell they, like, really really love each other — it also gets gay.

Gayer than James Franco deep-throating a gun gay. Gayer than the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco gay. Gayer than James Franco gay.

bound-3-1And it’s glorious.

bound-3-5And kind of romantic.

bound-3-2Did I mention that it’s SUPER GAY?

bound-3-3And adorable?

bound-3-4And if you’re into hairy backs, pretty hot.


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  • yaoming

    I want my 4 min. back.

  • RSun

    This is super awesome.

  • Scribe38

    Funny as Hell! great youtube clip

  • AuntieChrist

    That was way better than the piece of crap that what’s his name and that female put out. Cats in heat are more entertaining than kim and that ugly guy she is married to.

  • Harley

    Funny. I just saw this on Huffington Post and it was side to side with the Kanye West version so you could compare the two together. It’s a frame to frame exact copy. Wish Queerty had thought to put on the Kanye West version. Queerty?

  • MrEguy

    Seth Rogen is a very lucky man.

  • RSun

    @MrEguy: True dat!

  • hotshot70

    any version is better than that horrid Kanye and Kim Kartrashian version. She cannot sing, he cannot do anything but be a douche. He’s a Gay fish! (South Park reference)

  • Derek Williams

    To me, Franco was, is and always will be the hottest man on the planet.

  • Greg Garavani

    Ugh I fucking hate that song but Seth Rogan and James Franco, ouf!!

  • Cagnazzo82

    Wow, what a terrible, terrible song.

    Hip-hop is such a pale shadow of what it used to be.

    Actually that’s not even hip-hop. Hip-hop is pretty much never made it out of the 90s in one piece.

    Good on Seth and James for calling out this pure unfiltered trash that Kanye just lazily tosses out expecting to have a hit.

    Also… I would like to be in Seth’s place ^_^

  • Sebizzar

    LOL. But I actually think that’s hott ;P
    Seth Rogen has that sexy scruffy thing goin’ on and James Franco is James Franco ;D

  • dougmc92

    frankly, I’d rather see James make out with a woman than an ugly dude…..

  • Sweet Boy

    Seth is a sexy teddy bear..I´d do him

  • jwtraveler

    @dougmc92: This is funnier.

  • jasentylar

    HILARIOUS vid.

  • AuntieChrist

    I can’t believe people are calling THAT a song…It hardly even passes for music… Lets agree to disagree… Words and sound with rhythm I guess on some planets passes for music…The Krell on Altare 4 had better music… A reference to Forbidden Planet… You know that old movie with that robot and that girl. Ann Francis.

  • jimbryant

    Kanye West is awful and Lady Gaga isn’t far behind.

  • Degas

    It’s SATIRE. That’s the POINT of the video. These two men actually have both a brain and balls, and the video shows it.

  • BlogShag

    @dougmc92: I wholeheartedly agree. That dude is the first degree of ugly and looks like Sasquatch to boot

  • imperator

    @Harley: I just watched that too, and I was frankly kinda shocked– I assumed the spoof looked so cut-rate green-screened shitty because it was a spoof… not because the video it was spoofing was also so cut-rate green-screened shitty.

  • Marc

    @Derek Williams: How sad. Get out more.

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