WATCH: Snoop Lion Says Hip-Hop Will Eventually Accept An Out Rapper

It turns out can teach an old dog, er, lion new tricks. Quizzed about his recent comments that the hip-hop community isn’t ready to accept an out rapper, the musician now known as Snoop Lion kinda back pedals.

When VH1’s Big Morning Buzz host Carrie Keagan asks about his previous comment, the rapper is quick to defend himself.

rasta-snoop“It’s not me, because I don’t have a problem with it,” he protests, adding that his opinion stems from the macho mentality of the rap generation.

“We were brainwashed not to not accept certain things, but as we get older and we learn, we appreciate life,” he adds. “In the near future it will happen.”

Lion wraps up with: “You have to live your live for who you are and you have to respect other people’s decisions and give them their space.”  That’s a rap we want to hear.

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  • Kieran

    What he’s saying is that the gay effeminate stereotypes are so strong in society that
    it’s very hard for masculine men to come out and acknowledge being gay. He’s right. But hopefully those old stereotypes will be challenged and changed so that being “gay” does not automatically conjure up an image of RuPaul’s drag race.

  • DJ_Gayburn

    As a gay rapper I can say first hand that talent will always overshadow something as trivial as sexual orientation.

    The first show I ever did was at a hiphop club, and on top of being the only white rapper there I DO NOT cloak my sexuality in my lyrics. I got on that stage and the room went completely silent. Half a verse in and everyone was lookin at me sideways hearing me rap about dudes and being gay. But by the end of my 1st song even the most masculine “gangsta” rap fan in the room was cheering.

    As long as you’re talented in what you do people will respect you for it.

  • LadyL

    Don’t you love the “it’s not me, it’s them over there” defense? In the sixties (with regards to race) I believe the line was “hey, some of my best friends are.”
    I guess we have to give him props for enlightenment, but Snoop wasn’t exactly an innocent bystander with the hardcore homophobic gangsta crap of yesteryear.
    (Oh, and Snoop? Some of us knew all along that that “macho mentality” was really only ignorant + insecurity)

  • LadyL

    @DJ_Gayburn: Loving and saluting you, sweetie. Good for you and stay strong.


    Snoope, my sweetheart I love you say what is on your mind kisses. AdamHomo

  • Dr. Dick

    LOL he’s too high to take off his shades

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