WATCH: Straight Soldiers Bump And Grind Each Other To “Barbie Girl”


In honor of DADT’s impending demise, we present this clip of  two hetero Marines soldiers doing a sexy dance to Aqua’s “Barbie Girl,” complete with groping, grinding and simulated sex.

We say they’re hetero for the following reasons:

1. They tell us they are on their YouTube page.

2. No self-respecting gays would play that song anymore.

3. If they were gay, the clip would be a lot more graphic and would’ve been posted on XTube.

4. Green camouflage is sooo 2007.

Regardless, it’s hot sweet seeing two soldiers unwind and enjoy some male camaraderie. We salute you boys—and we’re counting down the days to September 20, when your gay brethren can start serving openly!