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  • scott ny'er

    so bizarre, but I love that animation.

  • SuperCat

    Well now we just need a heterosexual couple to make out on a Southwest plane, if they get kicked off then Southwest just has a PDA policy. But if they don’t then they are homophobic.

  • B

    You know, it would be interesting to run a statistical analysis correlating the occurrence of these incidents with whether passengers were going to be kicked off due to overbooking.

    According to southwest was fined $200,000 for overbooking. mentions a $375,000 fine for Delta for not following the rules, which include additional compensation for bumped passengers.

    You don’t get that compensation, however, if you are ejected from the plane for not behaving properly, so airlines have an incentive to look for some excuse to randomly throw out passengers when they are overbooked and passengers end up being bumped.

    It could be homophobia in Southwest’s case, but it could also be a scam to save money on compensation owed to passengers for being bumped. Given how lousy flying is these days, I wouldn’t put anything past these characters.

  • Darling Nikki


  • John

    NO ONE KNOWS what happened, you were not there. No one should jump to any conclusions, what if she really was getting too hot and heavy? Shes an actors arent exactly the most stable people and they love to embellish. If this is true, then yeah, Southwest sucks….but calling for a boycott is a little lame since you dont know what really happened.

  • Little Kiwi

    you may be right, John – but there is indeed a double-standard.

    it’s been talked about in the military – soldiers busted for having sexual relations and not reported. why? because they were HETEROsexual relations. see some straight folks canoodling? smirk and brush it off. see gay folks doing something? ALERT THE AUTHORITIES!

    while on vacation in tennessee i was told, by complete strangers, to stop “throwing our lifestyle in people’s faces” as my boyfriend and I committed the unexcusable crime of holding hands in public. we replied “You mean doing this?” – and then kissing.

    we don’t know the details yet. but i think a lot of us have experienced enough double-standards in our lifetime to know that LGBT people are held to a different standard.

    we’re only tolerated if we behave in a sterile manner devoid of anything that reminds people of the fact that we’re gay.

  • Rod

    I thought only white trash flew Southwest – gays who do should be ashamed!

  • Chris

    These days if a an airline tells you to stop doing something, or do something, and you don’t do as they say, you get kicked off.

    Based on the published reports, Leisha and her gf were kicked off for arguing with the flight attendant(s) after they were asked to stop, not because they were spotted kissing.

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