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WATCH: The Anderson Cooper Shirtlessness Begins!

We never thought we’d be happy there was a Jersey Shore. But if there wasn’t, then there’d be no Snooki to appear on Anderson and get the Coop to get his spray-tan on, live on camera. That body is a little ridonkulously white, no?

Who are we kidding, we’d take Andy if he was slathered in Miracle Whip.

Video via WPIX 11

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  • Cam

    If he wasn’t gay (Wink Wink Nudge Nudge, not really, Wink) Would anybody care?

    Hey, if he doesn’t want to come out, fine, but until then I’ll treat him like any other straight newscaster and not care.

  • christopher di spirito

    So much for Cooper’s pre-launch TV ads where he said he wanted to do this blab show in order to help the little people lead more meaningful and authentic lives.

  • Mav

    I would turn in my dyke card for Anderson Cooper.

  • phallus

    There is a gym in town where you can see him knackered… I mean naked. @Cam, I do believe he is out.

  • Top to Bottom

    Okay…that wasn’t so bad. But I really hope he doesn’t make a habit out of it. I like his natural complexion.

  • Cam

    @phallus: said…

    “@Cam, I do believe he is out”

    You may want to tell CNN.

  • Mark

    I do not believe he hides his sexual orientation and at the same time I do not think he should come out. A person’s sexual orientation is nobody’s beewax. Even if he’s on the same page as you does not mean you gonna get a piece of him. Just watch and drool.

  • ChrisC

    Although I would love for him to come out, I can understand why he doesn’t come out. When he goes to rather homophobic countries like Egypt where homosexuality is illegal, being out would put him at risk. Do you also think that homophobic politicans/world leaders/royalty would be willing to be interviewed by an out Gay Man?

  • Meowzer

    I have an interest in him and follow him, regardless if he is gay or not. His gayness (or supposed gayness) doesn’t affect my perception of him one way or another. He’s not a gay newscaster or a straight newscaster. He’s a newscaster – be it a cute one.

  • Jack E. Jett

    That Snooki really grows on ya. I’ve gone from dislike to like in just a few months.

  • Adam


  • Katt

    Can someone please direct me to the fainting couch!!! O_o

  • George412


    After booking Snooki, Kathi Griffin and going shirtless on his show I wouldn’t call him a newscaster. He has now lowered himself to Pauvich and Springer. He has no credibility. Wasn’t he supposed to have a classier kind of talk show?

  • mike128

    Anderson’s whole reason for not coming out is because he wanted to be taken seriously as a journalist – the kind of journalist whose persona didn’t interfere with the reporting of facts. Right? And now he’s shirtless getting a tan painted on. Makes me wonder if he didn’t have other motives when he decided it was best to stay closeted.

    The only reason I want the guy to come out is because he’s got so much and could make a serious difference in people’s minds out there. Those of us who have way less (and, as a result, perhaps more to lose) are fighting the fight. Why don’t you join us, Anderson?

  • fredo777

    @Cam: So, what if he was straight? That doesn’t mean people wouldn’t still find him attractive.

  • Kim

    The show is a mix of topics fron celeb fluff and serous topics. The next show will cover 2 women who were left on the street as newborns by their moms and the families that adopted them. Next week he will have Gloria talking about her childhood her son’s suicide, etc. I see very little difference in this and Brian Williams rapping on Jimmy Fallon

  • mk

    @George412: He’s a newscaster because he does a newscast and he has a background in news, having a side project doesn’t alter that. Edward R. Murrow had a daytime frivolous light celebrity chat show as a side project to his evening news show, and he’s still considered a newscaster.

    Anderson has already been shirtless on camera before in news pieces, and so have many other news men. Chatting with Kathy Griffin and Snooki isn’t ugly and exploitive like Pauvich or Springer. His show IS classier than most of the talk shows.

  • Atl2Sea

    Did AC show any pit hair? Was it shaved or didn’t it show in this video?

  • Marty

    Only Anderson Cooper could get me to sit through one second of Snooki. Frankly, Anderson’s pale, milky white complexion is beautiful. No fake tan needed.

    For all of the years I’ve watched Anderson on television, he’s been very serious but with a flash of humor and an interest in the absurd and silly. It’s one of the reasons he appeals to me. I hope his show succeeds, but daytime is tough.

  • Cam

    @Mark: said…

    “I do not believe he hides his sexual orientation and at the same time I do not think he should come out. A person’s sexual orientation is nobody’s beewax. Even if he’s on the same page as you does not mean you gonna get a piece of him. Just watch and drool.”

    How sad it is, that you have bought into your own discrimination so deeply that you seem to equate somebody coming out with somebody telling you that they like to be peed on in bed or that they dress up in panties and get spanked.

    Being honest about who you are is not the same thing as announcing what you do under the sheets, it’s a shame that you seem to think who a person is should be kept a dirty shameful secret.

  • xander

    So is the show any good? Spray tanning with Snooki somehow doesn’t entice me..

    @mav : If you’d be willing to turn in yr lesbian card for AC, then I’d be happy to turn my gay card for Rachel Maddow….And then we’d learn the true meaning of ‘gay marriage’ as opposed to SSM!

  • till the world ends

    @George412: Oh shut up George. You sound so bitter and ignorant! oh wait this is queerty. dime a dozen here.

  • Chadboy


    These rating grabbing antics are not surprising coming from a guy who used to host ABC’s THE MOLE. A journalist truly interested in a serious career would have never hosted a reality show.

  • Trevor Bartlet

    Who cares. Can’t stand him.

  • unclemike

    Wow. Does Anderson wax…everywhere?

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