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  • Andreusz

    This would be more fun if most of them didn’t look so embarrassed.

  • hf2hvit

    @Andreusz: I kind of like that…just like the look on a married man’s face the first time he drops trouser for another man…

  • jerry_pritikin

    Could not link to it… however I’m ready oar not!

  • TrekBear

    @jerry_pritkin – click on Vimeo and the link will take you to that website to view the clip.

  • muaki

    Watching the video I wonder about them being able to cover their tool with one hand. Either they have large hands or small peckers.

  • Sammy Schlipshit

    @muaki: I’m guessin’ the ‘goods’ are all wadded up. The few frames where one gets a peak, looks ample to me….especially being flaccid and all. I think it’s a terrific thing these young men are doing.

  • sivsong

    I knew I should have applied to Warwick!

  • Dominickj

    Good grief these guys look like the ALL white male Republican Committee. No one of color or a minority.. sheeeeeeeeeeeeesh..

  • toren123

    So, Dominickj, do you think just maybe no one of color or minority is a member of Warwick University’s Rowing club? Do you think they should have drummed up an Asian or African exchange student just to satisfy your pc conscience, maybe a paraplegic coxswain? Sheeesh indeed!

  • Aidan8

    @Dominickj: I know! I mean, who associates crew/rowing/boat clubs with white guys? The crew team at my college adequately and properly represented the overall demographics of the college… You know, just like basketball teams, fencing teams, and swim teams…

  • Dumdum

    Somebody always gotta play the race card. And because I am Gay I am required to include all races in my fantasy? Hey lets throw in a few lesbians they like rowing boats right?

  • Aidan8

    @Dumdum: Well I should certainly hope so…. you must have an L, G, B, T, Q, and I of each known race and ethnicity in each fantasy. Gosh, how un-PC of you.

  • viveutvivas

    Why doesn’t Vimeo ever work for me on any computer or device?

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