WATCH: We’re Totally (U.S.) Open To Andy Roddick’s Sexy New Lacoste Ad

Okay, so we’re not among those homos who religiously follow professional tennis. Heck, we can’t even tell the Williams sisters apart. But we know sexy when we see it—and though Andy Roddick never did it for us when he was younger, we’re totally grooving on director Rob Chiu’s slow-mo commercial with furry racquet-slinger for Lacoste Challenge cologne.

The score: Love all.

Source: Vimeo

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  • christopher di spirito

    @JKB: Thanks, JKB for the link. I’ve always found Andy Roddick enormously fuckable. Sometimes he plays with no underwear and you can see his junk flopping around under his gear. Very hot.

  • Tackle

    Thanks for providing the link JKB.
    So many many hot male tennis players these days. More so during the
    John McEnroe/Ivan Lendle area. These days (for me) I find,
    James Blake the best looking.
    Gael Monfils best body.
    Novak Djokovic the sexist because of his confidience and sense of humor. And he does have a nice looking face and body.

  • Tackle

    Typo: Ment era… :-)

  • Simon

    I love tennis slightly less than snooker (I prefer handsome guys in too small black trousers leaning over table) ;)

  • ewe

    That commercial did nothing for me. Nothing at all.

  • fredo777

    That part at the end, where the mist kinda settles on his shoulder. Shit was hot.

  • MikeE

    @ewe: I have to say that yeah, the commercial isn’t “ugly” by any stretch of the imagination, but it did nothing for me either.

    but thank god! if we all loved the same men, the same movies, the same food, this world would be a very very boring place (not to say the competition would be unbearable!)

  • Michael in Toronto

    It did it for me!

  • Bryan

    Turned off by him ever since I discovered he’s even a bigger douche off court than he appears on it. And if you’re looking for hot tennis ads, I can’t believe you missed Nadal’s Armani underwear ads. Shame on you.

  • timothy

    Ugh hate him and hate the ad.

  • Jason

    You can’t tell the Williams sisters apart? There’s something in that statement that offends me.

    I have to say that whoever is handling the writing for the relaunched queerty is speaking with a different voice…one I find on a whole is more offensive and callous.

    You’ve lost my readership.

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