WATCH: What Led To The Gay Blood Ban

From gay rights activist and filmmaker Ryan James Yezak, comes the follow up to last year’s viral video “The Gay Rights Movement.”

Following repeal on Prop 8. and DOMA, Yezak sets the next fight for equality against the lifetime FDA ban on gay/bisexual men from donating blood, and has put together the (soon-to-be viral) montage video “The Gay Rights Movement Part 2: National Gay Blood Drive”; which includes a mix of inspirational, honest and horrific clips from the states and overseas over the past years, and even recent days.

As a newswoman in the video says, “There isn’t enough blood to go around.” So why does this ban, which was installed 30 years ago, still exist?

“Studies have shown that it’s no longer necessary,” says Yezak on a Facebook event for the National Gay Blood Drive.”We are having a nation-wide blood drive to bring attention to the ban and to increase pressure on the FDA to lift it.”

The drive will take place July 12 across all 50 states, and calls for eligible gay/bisexual donors to show at the blood donation center in their city, get tested at an onsite mobile HIV testing unit, and then attempt to donate their blood.

“As each of them are rejected, we will collect each test result and deliver it to the FDA – visually conveying to them the amount of blood we would be able to contribute if they were to lift the ban.” See where to send here.

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