We Agree With GOProud: Ann Coulter Is A Gay Icon!

GOProud has just asked horrible person Ann Coulter to serve as Honorary Chair of GOProud’s Advisory Council and has titled her position “Gay Icon”. There’s no better person to chair GOProud! After all, Coulter is a gay icon…

…an anti-gay icon, kinda like Anita Bryant.

Let’s take a quick unpleasant (s)troll down memory lane: Coulter called Al Gore “a total fag” and John Edwards “a faggot,”, she supports Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell because she considers gays a security risk, and says that the liberals have “co-opted” the gays in an attempt to destroy families.

Considering that GOProud regularly supports anti-gay candidates, doesn’t support gay marriage—even though GOProud Chairman Christopher R. Barron is married (the hypocrite)—and has been mocked by Coulter in the past—they totally deserve each other. Barron says that Coulter’s appearance at their 2010 Homocon event “helped put [GOProud] on the map.”

Yes, just like the nuclear meltdown helped put Chernobyl on the map.


Image via

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  • Robert in NYC

    She joins Margaret Hoover, Grover Norquist and Andrew Breitbart on their board. It’s beyond sick!

  • offbeatoh86

    That picture’s gonna give me nightmares.

  • Floyd

    That group is so silly. And that picture is terrifying!

  • Zee

    That picture scares me…

  • Ray

    She’s an all around massive thunder cunt. Don’t even associate her with the gay world by labeling her anti-gay.

  • gregger

    She’s right up there with all of the other GOProud slime.

  • Gigi

    Just when I thought she couldn’t be any uglier…along comes that picture. Yuck!

  • tjr101

    LOL, that picture is so nauseating!

  • Elloreigh

    Can we please stop giving Coulter free publicity and GOProud a whiff of validity by acknowledging their existence?

  • gregger

    Why remove the image of her with the lamprey mouth? It seemed most fitting.

  • inoits2

    GOProud is using her to get attention. It works. They are purposely trying to enrage us. They don’t believe she is a gay icon for one minute. We all know what a troll is right? It’s someone that purposely upsets a blog by writing provocative comments. You can consider them trolls of the entire gay rights movement.

  • ewe

    I do not know one gay person who likes that voodoo stick.

  • tjr101

    Did queerty/Daniel Villarreal just pussy out? Where is the original pic?

  • Justin

    Huh. That pic almost makes her look like she doesn’t have an Adam’s apple.

  • Spike

    Don’t tell me there isn’t an adams apple in the picture of her!

  • Joe

    That picture makes me hurt inside!

  • Justin

    Ah, her true face. “All shall love me and despair,” indeed!

  • Little Kiwi

    remember her?

    Of course GOProud thinks Coulter is a Gay Icon. They also think that their families love them and accept them. They’re wrong on all counts, though.

    Your parents are ashamed of you, you’re resentful homosexuals, and you think if you suck on the Right as hard as you can that one day you’ll be loved. You won’t be, GOProud.

    you will always be a disappointment to your families. Always. ALWAYS.

  • SMH

    Can we all just admit that GOProud is the party for self-hating, conservative white gay men who desperately want to be part of the master race, er..I meant Republican elite.

    I have no problem saying that the GOProud gang is self-hating. Their adoption of someone as vile and bigoted as Ann Coulter as their icons symbolizes their moral depravity. No moral person could align himself with someone like Coulter, whose ruthless ambition and propensity to defame whole groups of people is well documented.

    GOProud has no problem with Coulter’s past. Instead, they embrace and celebrate her misdeeds.

  • Bobby In Seattle


    Looking at that picture I now understand why no one will marry her.

  • Bobby In Seattle

    I’m going to have to right-click and save that picture. I may find a use for it, as an avatar for another blog profile.

  • Roman

    She’s created her own brand of terrorism with her books of hate. GOProud has no credibility.


    Just as declaring Mann Cuntler as a “Gay icon” the GOPsad would have nominated Josef Mengle if they lived in Germany during the 40’s

  • Michael

    Dumbass GOProud make the gay community look bad.But then again they continue to prove they are against us in the first place in more ways then one.Morons.

    As far as the pic LOL As far as Ann the cunt coulter that anti gay loony bitch will never be a gay icon to me.

  • Ganondorf

    How can one “hate” ann coulter? I mean, obviously the things she says are worthy of criticism and, at least, public condemnation. They’re silly and deliberately cruel, like a poor imitation of how a child describes vegetables. It’s a game, though. She’s not a very bright gal, and would obviously support the contrary view if the money were as good. And that’s what it all comes down to: money. I’m uncomfortable that ann coulter is given this much coverage to say things that I disagree with for money. But I hate that we live in a society that has enabled her to make a career out of saying these things that I disagree with a lot more than I could ever hate the former [sentence], or the buzz that this faux outrage generates for her (no one of any worth is truly pissed off by what she has to say anymore, and if you are, you’re a fool. Genuine outrage ONLY feeds her brand, and is what she craves). How easy it is to be used. Do any of you ever feel used by posts like this?

  • jockjack5

    @Ganondorf: If you had a point, it was lost on me. Your writing, if you can call it that, is barely intelligible, that is to say it makes no sense at all.

    So, no, I don’t “feel used by your post”… only confused.

  • Ganondorf


    Wow. You’re deep stupid. LOL!

  • Ganondorf

    And if anything I’ve written is the least bit obscure or misunderstood, you can wager that your IQ is significantly below average or that English isn’t your native language. One of the things I’m not is subtle. LOL!

  • iDavid

    I never ever thought an artist could truly capture the alluring demonic edgy etheric of the real Ann Coulter. This is her, the perfect rendition of the daper cunt-face personafication she very carefully and magnanomously expresses to the public. It’s beyond caricature. It’s honest. It’s authentic. It’s accurate. It’s brilliant.

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  • Alisa

    You are aware that GOPRoud’s website is using this article, more specifically it’s title exclusively, to make it look like Queerty fully supports this announcement, yes?

    You might want to fix that. They’re proudly announcing a list of Queer organizations that “back them up” in this choice.

  • Bobby In Seattle


    Hey Ganondorf – Pay no mind to the dumbass jockjack. Anyone with an IQ over 85 understands what you wrote, and you said it well.

    It’s likely jockjoke is Chris Barron, so of course, your well written comment needed to be attacked as though it was completely incoherent and unworthy of reading.

    You actually made a lot of sense.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Ann Coulter is an argument for the genocide of the Aryan race.

  • Justin

    @Alisa: So, they’re lying about their opponent’s position? They really *are* conservatives, aren’t they?

  • GayGOP

    I don’t get why ANYBODY would want Ann Coulter representing him/her. I say this as someone who, on 90% of issues, is as far right as she is. On some, I’d bet I’m farther right. That being said, firebrands and flamethrowers, on both sides like Coulter and Olbermann, need to all go back under the rocks from under which they originally crawled.

  • Little Kiwi

    You show me a member of GOProud whose father doesn’t hate having a gay son and I’ll show you a unicorn.

  • Trevor Bartlet

    She’s hysterically funny and smart. You dumb bastards just all take her too seriously.

  • Kelly

    I love this video. It’s all about the gay icons that you may (or may not) know are all around us:

  • Audel

    It’s imapetrive that more people make this exact point.

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