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We Already Know Who Real World: New Orleans‘ Token Gay + Token Homophobe Are!

[flv:http://media.queerty.net/realworld.no_.ryan_.mp4 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/07/realworldnoboard.jpg 650 400]

As each season of The Real World begins, both viewers and cast members spend the first episode wondering who the gay one is. That question was answered on Wednesday night’s New Orleans season premiere — the series’ 24th cycle — as soon as we met Preston Robertson-Charles. And as soon as we met Ryan Leslie, we also found out who the raging homophobe was!

Ryan (pictured, right) is the high-energy (read: obnoxious) sensitive hairdresser from Arizona, who comes from a long paternal line of hairdressers. He also HATES IT when anyone confuses him for A Gay. And on the roommates’ first night out on Bourbon Street, they ended up at a gay bar, where some ‘mo had the audacity to get up all in Ryan’s neck space. Cue homophobic comment, and complete psycho fall out.

It’s just Episode 1, Day 1. So much to look forward to!

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  • Ricky

    uh… he isn’t gay? Forgive me for seeming so… prejudiced but he fits the stereotype, so why get mad about being hit on? Me thinks he protests tooooooo much.

  • Whoddafunk?

    When the clock strikes 4:30 the moon rose over the skies of Queen Victoria’s Britain and the spirits rustles about as the calling… the calling… the calling grew closer.

  • Sean

    He’s cute. And gay.

  • Whoddafunk?

    He’s not cute. He used Ryan’s toothbrush to clean the toilet, then peed on the toothbrush, which ended up giving Ryan a viral infection. He’s a homophobic ATTACKER.

  • Samwise

    Preston is so adorable! I love how he sleeps with a little stuffed owl. Too cute.

    Ryan is such a stereotypical self-hating closet case that I’m kind of amazed he’s a real person. What was up with that freak-out over the kiss? He looked happy when the guy was kissing his neck, but then as soon as he left the bar, it was like he suddenly realized, “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to have hated that.” And then he went on and on and on with this scenery-chewing performance of “OH MY GOD, EW, GAYS ARE GROSS, BLECH, YUCK.” When he said that a gay guy touching him made him want to kill himself (not the gay guy, but himself), I think that revealed a little more than he meant it to.

    I predict that he will come out of the closet sometime this season, and probably end up sleeping with Preston.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Two Drama Queens for the price of one.

  • whatever

    Remember Dana Carvey’s SNL character, the “Effeminate Heterosexual”? Yeah, kind of like that, except less butch.

  • Ted B.

    There are effeminate, swishy heterosexuals; just many of them. I went to high school with the most annoying, sweater-around-the-neck, fashinista Queen in the Universe…and he’s been happily married to his high-school girlfriend for over 30-years.

  • Baxter

    I think this is going to be one of the worst seasons. Half the cast are annoying drama queens and the other half aren’t going to get any camera time. Plus you know these people are going to cry about Katrina every other episode. It’s pretty funny that this season came out the same year as Treme.

  • Christopher

    This was too funny, what is with all of these drama queens?? And he isn’t Gay? He’s really looks like a twink!, and is that a nose-ring lmao, maybe he’s gay in another dimension or something lol

  • dellisonly

    You said Real World and New Orleans and my first thought was did someone hurt Danny. This show should have been canceled 12 years ago when it stopped being relevant

  • Geoff M

    I was dragged kicking and screaming to watch this. I about died laughing when skaterboy (who I’d bet serious money has a mental problem in addition to being a young moron) caused all the problems and then hugged it out….and they accepted! I agree with Dellisonly that this should have been canceled long ago.

  • Henry Holland

    The only valid season was the very first one, every single one since has been self-conscious and camera-whoring to varying degrees.

  • TampaZeke

    I don’t think they need to cancel the show, I think they need to change the name. It was only the “Real World” for the first, and perhaps the second, season. Every year thereafter it has become less and less “Real” and more and more “Big Brother”.

  • nikko

    I just don’t get guys like RYAN. he’s surprised that people think he’s gay?! Dude, you scream gay! Now if he’s not gay, I am confused. I don’t get or believe effeminate heterosexual men.

  • Vicente Fox

    One more example of how homophobes are more likely than not closeted gays who can’t deal with their own sexuality.

  • Doug

    People still watch ‘The Real World’ and ‘MTV’? That’s news to me.

  • FredB

    Me thinks he doth protest too much! Oh, and where was his problem with gays when he was accepting the free drinks?


    Ryan: Please Miss Thing, you look like everytime you open your mouth a purse will come tumbling out of it………….

  • gayllama

    Sheesh, a twink like Ryan should be glad he only got out of free drinks with a kiss on the neck. Get into the more underground gay bars and there would have been lots of touching.

  • Pip

    Ahaha wow. Transvestite Barbie wants to kill himself whenever a gay touches him.

  • Pip

    @dellisonly: Danny from the original New Orleans is a god. He’s one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen on TV.

  • hephaestion

    Wow. That Ryan Leslie is one dumb motherfucker.

  • Kendall

    Stop insulting twinks by saying this dude looks like one. He looks more like a lesbian. He has a younger Ellen Degeneres thing going on. This is the least attractive RW cast that I can remember. Stupid show but at least they used to have eye candy.

  • Joseph brennan

    Thats what happens who you look like what people viwe is gay. People think you’er gay!

  • Blah

    Maybe guys wouldn’t hit on him if he didn’t look like a giant twink. What a loser. Oh, and his high pitched girly voice? Bahahaha!

  • jason

    Is this sad, tragic show still going? Who watches it? Mice? Cockroaches?

  • mcc

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Aww I started reading your comment and hoped instead of “purse tumbling out” you said “cum dribbling out.”

  • Pip

  • Giovannidude

    I missed the show on Wednesday, and after reading all the comments here, I’m glad I did. Sorry it was such a disappointment; I actually liked Real World Brooklyn (and Ryan from RW Brooklyn). With so many in basic agreement, I would bet you’re right about this show in New Orleans and the new Ryan, etc. Reading your comments probably is more entertaining than watching the show.

  • Kieran

    You’d be emotional and bitter against gays too if you were trying to be a man but had the face and body of a teenaged Ellen Degeneres.

  • jeffree

    Any str8 guy confident in his het’ness, knows how to deal w/ unwanted attentions from gay men or str8 ladies.

    Ryan acts like he got a disease from getting kissed. He isnt the butchest branch on the tree, so it *cant be the first time* some one has mistaken him for a gayman… Yeesh, get over your self, Ms. Thang.

    Sign up for a show like this & u know there will be a gay guy. Dont like it? Don’t go on TV then. Stop pretending like youre all SHOCKED theres another cast member who is gayer than u. Easy !!

  • Ricky

    @jeffree: I particularly loved his hand gestures as he was trying to get the residue of the other man’s lips off of his neck… they weren’t butch at all.

  • jeffree

    Yeah yeah : more spàm passes through the filter! How many more times do we need to see this same post? how many more times do we get to read about the gurl who wants us to check out her dating site where she met an older guy ?

    Potential advertizers will be so impressed that this is a classy website!

    Is someone, anyone paying any attention to the COMMENT section any more here on the Queerty?


    @mcc: He seems like a swallower to me……….. :-p

  • Tackle

    I cannot help but wonder what the response would be if the white guy was the gay one and the black guy was the homophobe???

  • Hilarious

    @Tackle: Yeah, not really trying to stir the pot too much since they’re at least upset, but I totally agree.

    If the homophobe was black we’d see sweeping remarks about the “black community” being homophobic and some nasty racial commentary.

    But you know that won’t happen in reverse. Never does.

    Kinda like the salvaging versus looting thing with Katrina.

  • Juanita de Talmas

    I cannot help but wonder what the response would be if the white guy was the gay one and the black guy was the homophobe

    Was there ever a RW that had a queeny black homophobe?

  • nikko

    Great point, TACKLE. So true. And truth is a double-edged sword, isn’t it?

  • Pip

    @Juanita de Talmas: If it was a stereotypical black guy, we wouldn’t be deriding his masculinity. That’s one thing.

  • Tartuffe

    Stupid people acting trashy

  • Ricky

    @Juanita de Talmas: Actually, there wasn’t a Real World that had what you said, there was Road Rules though. Well, sort of. Some remember Abe as the guy that had a rather homophobic reaction to the notion that he and the guys were to strip at a gay bar for a mission and the queeny-albeit straight guy would not leave it alone and did what many actual gay people are wrongfully accused of: he shoved the whole plate of sexuality down Abe’s throat and Abe fought back. What’s kind of funny is the Abe was booted off the show (I think wrongfully so as he seemed to be coming around before the other jack ass crossed the line of decency) and the antagonist got to stay… but was later busted for allegedly beating up his wife or girl friend. Abe on the other hand, went on to do a few RW/RR challenges and had a few instances where he provided some man-candy. I don’t remember the other guy’s name as he is hardly memorable aside from the moment where he and Abe got into it…

  • Kendall


    How soon they all forget. Wasn’t RW Philly the season where they had a latino gay and a black gay. were their names willie and karamo? a i recall karamo wasn’t comfortable in his skin as a black gay man. he didn’t understand willie and how out he was.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux

    i like how after the confrontation, he angrily applies chap stick

  • SwampFox

    ROFL @# 47

    I missed that. Good eye. :)

  • Kelehe

    The sexual tension between those two … if only I cared enough to watch to the end of the season to see when they hook up.

  • jason

    I don’t exactly blame Ryan for being pissed off at being kissed by a man. It was an unwanted kiss. Unwanted kisses are no more welcome than unwelcome pats on the bottom are to women in a bar full of sleazy straight guys.

    Look, I know there’s a suggestion that Ryan is homophobic but I really do think we are stretching it a bit by assuming he’s homophobic from his reaction to an unwanted kiss.


    Ryan is nothing more that a closeted drama queen.

    He had no problem accepting the drink from the guy, he didn’t go into a frenzy when the guy kissed his neck, he actualy smiled hugged it out with the guy and said thanks for the drink……..

    Only once when he was with the other roomates did he go into massive drama queen overdrive and freak out like he was bitten on the neck as if the guy was carrying the HIV, Ebloa, West Nile and Malaria viruses……

  • IveHadIt

    This show is SOOOO bad. All of them causing a ruckus to call attention and see who becomes famous first. Spoiled, narcissistic, immature brats. No wonder our country is in the state it is in: we live in a stupor watching garbage like this.

  • jason

    A gay guy has no more right to kiss a another guy than a straight guy has to kiss a woman. The kiss has to be mutual, and have the consent of both parties. Otherwise, it’s sexual harassment.

    As to those queens who think it’s their divine right to plant unwanted kisses on others, go get a life. If you did it to me, I’d smack you in the mouth.

  • McMike

    It was a kiss on the neck and if a straight guy, or anyone, is going to be that freaked out by such lame BS then they have no business allowing a man to buy him a drink in a gay bar.

    If someone is buying you a drink they’re obviously trying to get into your pants and playing dumb doesn’t work.

    btw, that “straight” guy is beyond gay and this is exactly why I don’t watch the Real World anymore. The drama is beyond f’n stupid.

  • Dancy

    It just seems to me that Ryan is just another hipsters and hipsters tend to be androgynous. The skinny jeans, oddly cut hair and sensitive personality is all the rage with hipsters gay and straight. Like many hipsters, Ryan appears to be an open-minded free loving person but is just as messed up as many other people on this earth.

  • Disgusted American

    this is actually funny – watching it – I 1st thought the White guy was the gay one….hello Mary….you’gay..admit it!

  • Pygar

    @jason: I guess violent, hyper-sensitive D-bags come in all sexual orientations.

  • Jay B.

    It was alarming how easy this bigot got away with saying that. Literally one commercial break later and it was over as if it never happened. Substitute any other minority group in for what he said and MTV would be off air today and the kid would be shunned for life. I seriously think so long as gays keep playing this “nice guy” act we’re not going to get sh8 done. That’s unacceptable and vile coming from a 20 something year old kid but the blame goes on the gay cast member for completely brushing it off and not sitting down to educate him as to why what he said was offensive.

  • Carlton

    Perhaps if we as the gay community stopped treating straight men as these pillars of perfection. Perhaps if we as gays stopped fawning over straight men? Perhaps if our GY blogs and sites stopped worshipping the ground every straight man walked on…and we realized our biggest detractors are the same people we want to get in bed with (but they would rather kill themselves) we’d start appreciating…oh I don’t know…OURSELVES, our self worth and our own beauty as opposed to gloriying and fawning over theirs. They laugh at our fixation over them and do so with hate. Nothing makes me sadder than to see deluded gay men make a fool out of themself for straight men all while treating their own gay brothers like crap. “str8 acting/str8 loving” culture of our community ruined our community.

  • The Artist

    This show “jump the shark” years ago. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • mcc

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: About him swallowing. You’re absolutely right. I now love you to death. I’m just sitting here in a dark room howling with laughter.

  • RLS

    @Jay B.: Oh Please, it was just a few seasons ago when white Gay Davis called his black roommate the N-word and nothing much happened, so spare me your “ooooooh if it were BLACK instead of GAY they would do THIS” analogies.


    @mcc: Could ya’ just picuture the faces and hand gestures little Miss Drama Queen would make after that???? :-p

  • dionte

    I haven’t watched real world in years, this looks good tho, guess it’s time to start again

  • Sam


  • Sam

    at least they made up and ryan said he was sorry . oh my god, people make mistakes sometime you just have to learn from them.

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