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We Applaud* Sally Kern’s Push to Ban Divorce In Oklahoma

Bless Sally Kern’s heart. The Oklahoma State representative is pushing Bill 2279, which would ban divorce from panhandle to basin!

Well, under certain circumstances. The staunch anti-gay politico, and bona fide terror, wants to outlaw married couples from divorcing if they have children under age 18, if they have been married for more than 10 years, and — oh, get this! — if either party objects to the divorce.

(* It’s unclear how much license the bill would grant for, let’s say, battered women looking to escape their abusive husbands, but hey, the institution of marriage is what needs protecting most, not our womenfolk!)

But it’s great to hear that Kern is joining California’s own push to ban divorce, because if we’re going to ban homosexuals from marrying on the grounds of hurting traditional marriage, certainly outlawing the most damaging thing to marriage should be a priority.