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We Applaud* Sally Kern’s Push to Ban Divorce In Oklahoma

Bless Sally Kern’s heart. The Oklahoma State representative is pushing Bill 2279, which would ban divorce from panhandle to basin!

Well, under certain circumstances. The staunch anti-gay politico, and bona fide terror, wants to outlaw married couples from divorcing if they have children under age 18, if they have been married for more than 10 years, and — oh, get this! — if either party objects to the divorce.

(* It’s unclear how much license the bill would grant for, let’s say, battered women looking to escape their abusive husbands, but hey, the institution of marriage is what needs protecting most, not our womenfolk!)

But it’s great to hear that Kern is joining California’s own push to ban divorce, because if we’re going to ban homosexuals from marrying on the grounds of hurting traditional marriage, certainly outlawing the most damaging thing to marriage should be a priority.

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  • terrwill

    Isn’t one of the largest tenants of conserativsim being
    against government intrusion into the lives of citizens?
    They conviently pick and choose. You want to purchase an
    automatic weapon that can slaughter dozens in seconds?
    Govt has no right to “infringe upon your rights” Your
    husband of 11 years has been beating you silly every
    night? Sorry the gov’t is going to prevent you from
    divorcing him. How twisted is this crunts mind????

    And this bitch is batshit crazy. Read previous Queerty
    posts about her diatrabes against the Gays and how
    out of touch with any sense of reality she actually is.
    Her own son was a cruise monster in the bathrooms at
    school, caught multiple times (google Jesse Kern actually
    somewhat cute). Being the loving mother, staunch
    defender of “family values” she disowned him for being

  • stitch

    This posting is absolutely ridiculous. When anti-gay homophobes push to keep us in second-class status based on a theocratic hijacking of the constitution and founding principles of the nation, we scream. In a display of blatant hypocrisy, you’re actually making the claim that we should APPLAUD the same theocratic hijacking when it is applied to hetero rights?

    Weakening divorce law based on a minority religio-moral world view threatens all of us. If the straights can’t get divorced, then someday, neither will we. We should be fighting for rights, not celebrating our opponents’ losses. Especially when they lose the same battle we’re losing.

  • Hack

    Not this crazy bitch again.

    And, Terrwill, she doesn’t speak for conservatives. This is her own crazy shit.

  • hyhybt

    Does a marriage have to meet all three conditions to be unbreakable, or just any one of them?

  • terrwill

    No. 3 · Hack: Show me some conseratives who have called
    her out on her lunacy and admonished her for her rants..

  • RomanHans

    Honestly, I applaud the woman. She’s not just using her power to screw up gay lives: she wants to screw up ALL lives. Go Sally! Wear that gold-plated brooch with pride!

  • Al

    This should have been the gay community’s argument all along, quite frankly. The only way to truly protect marriage is to ban divorce. And there really shouldn’t be any cases under which divorce should be allowed. It is, afterall, “‘Til Death Do You Part” so the only way to get out of a marriage should be to die. As gay folks, I don’t think we are willing to match radical with radical in order to preserve our rights. Banning divorce is, of course, lunacy, but it’s a valid counter argument to the argument that allowing gays and lesbians to marry somehow weakens the marriages of heterosexuals. So, how do we strengthen marriage? We ban divorce.

  • Bill

    Everyone please apologize to Stitch for having the human emotion of slight gleefulness at having our oppressors experience a taste of their own medicine.

    Sorry, Stitch. We’re only human.

    But since you are above all that, you should consider running for office. I hear Kinko’s has an opening, bozo.

  • Lukas P.

    “Crazy is as crazy does” right? The greatest threat to traditional marriage is not a gay wedding, it’s DIVORCE. I too *applaud* the radical right for finally focusing on the real menace!

    Seriously, getting the religious right to feel like THEIR “rights” are not safe and secure as they’d believed is a step in the right direction. Plus, momentarily, it takes the focus away from us.

    Her initative won’t get far off the ground, but will do a nice job of pointing out how off-base she and others like her are, PLUS it is great to see the fundies shake a little as their own logic bites them on their asses.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    @ no. 7 Al — We HAVE been saying “divorce” – not gays – is the threat to marriage all along.

    @ 2 STITCH — Lighten up. Of course we don’t want ‘divorce’ banned anymore than we want ‘our marriages’ banned. However, since we are being oppressed by total nutcase religious freaks like Kooky Kern, then why not have everyone else suffer?

    The upside to this is that it shines a light on this fool (and other fools like her), and completely discredits everything she stands for – mostly importantly, her vehement opposition to same sex perfect unions.

    We always knew she was bat-shit crazy. Now more people do. And yes, that’s a VERY good thing.

  • RomanHans

    > @ no. 7 Al — We HAVE been saying “divorce” – not gays – is the threat
    > to marriage all along.

    Not that I’ve heard. A month or two ago somebody started the “Ban Divorce” movement, allegedly as a joke. And now some of us are saying, “Hey, this thing needs to be real.”

  • Yuki

    @Stitch, they’re applauding the complete craziness of Kern, I should think. She looks outright batty with this new idea.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    NOTE to Krazy Kern: Phyllis Schlafy called; she wants her suit back.

    (P.S. For those who don’t know who Schlafy is, here’s a gem of hers regarding spousal abuse: “By getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don’t think you can call it rape.”)

  • stitch

    @ Bill

    I make no apologies for taking this seriously. The world is what we make it. Whether or not this is tongue-in-cheek is irrelevant. And personal attacks have no place in civilized dialogue.

  • stitch

    And I’m kind of sick of the “we’re only human” defense. Being human means we have the unique ability to strive to be better than those who seek to diminish us. We can sink to their level, or we can rise above. Because we’re “only” human, we should be better than petty schadenfreude.

  • Libertysmom

    This article is a misrepresentation of House bill 2279, it does ask for these things to come to pass but it certaintly does not ban divorce it only requires that couples are more diliberate in thier choices. Parent of children can still get divorced but most go through pre-divorce education classes letting them grasp the reality of what they may be doing to thier children. Wiht 4 out of 5 marriages ending where one spouse wants to work things out this bill promotes reconcilliation. Children are 12 times more likley to be incarcerated, 7 times more likley to be expelled from school and statistics are even worse when it comes to drug abuse and psychological issues when they come from a divorced family. Couples need to take responsibility for thier actions this bill only proposes to reduce the rate of marriages ended on the grounds of incompatibility all the other statutes for divorce remain the same. Read the Oklahoma Law and then this proposed bill on Mrs. Kerns website rather then what you read in an article that is obviously bias. Dont repond with such criticism without taking the time to do the research tax payers are paying 430 million dollars a year and 112 billion dollars annually because of divorce that money could be dispensed to areas that are of more concern

  • Cassandra

    Sally Kern – Was LibertysMom the best pen name you could come up with? Really?

    Look, it is perfectly appropriate to apply to heterosexuals the same fallacies about marriage that bigots like you apply to homosexuals, and banning heterosexual couples with children from divorce until their children are self-sufficient is a great step to using ‘think of the children’ on hets for a change.

    But one of the hallmarks of evil is inventiveness – so I expected you to hide behind a more inventive pen name.

  • Hyhybt

    @Libertysmom: You’ve got it backwards, though. Educate people about the seriousness of marriage *before* the wedding. Make as certain as possible that they’re serious about it and that they’ve picked the right mate going into it. Because if the wedding was a mistake then the best thing that can happen, bad though even that may be, is a divorce.

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