We’ll Give You One Guess Who’s Against The Old Navy Pride Shirts…

Who hates Old Navy’s sale of rainbow t-shirts for Pride? Oh look, it’s Bryan Fisher, the American Family Foundation guy who thinks that gays are Nazis and that Glee gives people AIDS! And he’s not alone:

“Old Navy is promoting a lifestyle that is in complete rebellion against God. Rather than just focusing on giving good products to their customers, they want to use their products now to advocate for a very controversial topic, much less a very immoral and very deadly topic. Unfortunately we have to do the hard work of communicating our outrage, our frustration — and then following that up with some kind of practical expression such as taking your business elsewhere.”

And it’s Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. How the shirts defame Christians (apart from making the more hateful ones seem insane) is beyond us.

These two crazy queens should go bowling in their black-and-white “Straight Pride” t-shirts.

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  • samthor

    THIS is best reason why Old Navy should make and distribute the shirts.
    Because it pi&&e& off people like this.

  • ger

    I thought Bret Easton Ellis was the guy that said Glee gives people AIDS.

  • wv_andy

    Please let Old Navy know you support their efforts. You can call them at 1-800-653-6289. Just ask for “representative” at the prompts. They DO appreciate your support as we should appreciate theirs.

  • iDavid

    It’s amazing how this invisible intangible “God”, who doesn’t even have the ability to fart in a paper bag, is such an ominous tool for guilt and control.

  • TMikel

    Can’t someone put a stick of dynamite up his rectum and light the fuse? We are NOTa “topic.” and what’s with “and then following that up with some kind of practical expression such as taking your business elsewhere.” Because he used the subject pronoun, “We” he must mean “us” not “your.” I bet Old Navy is just terrified of a boycott. And defaming Christian? Why, because of Noah, the ark and rainbow? When it comes to defamation, these yokels get my vote!

  • B-Rock

    I saw this headline and I was like:


  • Tom Daly

    Here’s what I did – the website for their form-letter is here:


    My Subject Line:
    Please do NOT cave in to the AFA

    My email text:
    Dear President Wyatt:

    You are soon going to be bombarded by a slew of form-letter emails from supporters of the American Family Association (AFA), the contents of which are included below.

    I would implore you to continue your great work with the “It Gets Better Project” and reject the inherent bigotry of the Tim Wildmon, the AFA and their ideological cohorts.

    Thank you.

    ++++++++++ Begin Form Letter +++++++
    I think Old Navy’s decision to promote and financially support homosexuality is a bad business decision.

    Parents will think twice before buying summer and back-to-school clothes from a company they know is donating profits to highly divisive social activist groups.

    I encourage you to reconsider selling “gay pride” shirts, even if in a limited number of stores.
    +++++++++ End form Letter ++++++++

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