Westboro Baptists Picketing L.A. Gay Men’s Chorus Performance In Lawrence, KS

Members of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles will have some unwelcome guests when they perform in Lawrence, Kansas, tonight: Members of the Westboro Baptist Church have promised to picket outside the Lied Center, where the chorus will perform in the latest stop of their “It Gets Better” tour.

Head WBC nutjob Shirley Phelps-Roper tweeted:

Westboro to picket The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles #ItGetsBetter
LIE #HellIsNOTBetter 2/16 @ 7:30pm KU Lied Center @ItGetsBetter @GMCLA”

Another church member tweeted images of the poster he plans to carry outside the theater (right).

The show is a performative response to the bullying epidemic, with GMCLA joined by local choirs, with video and text projections from the archive of the It Gets Better campaign.

We expect the mouthbreathers of WBC will face some local resistance: Lawrence is the only city in Kansas that passed legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity—and it’s in the only county in the state to reject a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and civil unions.




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  • 2eo

    For every WBC member that is shot by a member or visitor to Queerty I will personally buy you a selection of delicious European beers and send them to you.

    Not a joke.

  • oilburner

    I hate the WBC

  • pikatwo

    I see the WBC is not as mobile as they once were.

  • mujerado

    @2eo: If it’s not a joke, it’s a crime. I’m against what Westboro stands for as much as anyone is, but do we really want the publicity that would come with stopping them illegally?

  • brief12H

    I think we should make their protests profitable for local groups and donate to a local LGBTQ/ Human Rights Org like –

  • Charles

    you hate the WBC yet you imitate them and steal their words. Admit it. They re smarter than you.

  • Charles

    @2eo: so who are the bullys? fags are bullys

  • Charles

    @2eo: murder for beer. fags are reprobates

  • paulfocus

    Re comment from brief12h: How about people pledge to donate a certain amount of money that will go to a local GLBT group. The amount will be based upon every minute that WBC pickets. Say a dollar for every minute. The longer they picket, the more money is raised. A thank you note could then be sent to WBC for providing such invaluable assistance in this fund raiser for equality.

  • ToneeRhianRose

    @2eo: WTF Dude they have small kids out there! Plus the last thing we need is a bunch of nutbars w/ guns! And other ppl (not the WBC) could get shot & killed by mistake. No, the best way to get back at them is to hit them where it hurts! Donate to a local LGBT charity & do it in their name.

  • ToneeRhianRose

    @pikatwo: Actually most of their protests are centered around the town where their “church” is at. Most of the time they only go other places when some huge tragedy hits the news.

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