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What Can Make a Leader of Ex-Gays Worse: Does Being a Convicted Fraudster Count?

What’s more surprising: Learning that Jersey Shore‘s Ronnie Magro uses the F-word or that the leader of a New Jersey-based Jewish ex-gay group is trying to hide the fact that he’s a convicted felon?

We all make mistakes. But Arthur Abba Goldberg, the spokesman for Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality (that’s JONAH, or when put through our Jersey Shore name generator, becomes JWOWW), made a rather egregious one: defrauding multiple victims in multiple states, including the United States federal government in a bond scheme.

“Goldberg, who reinvented himself in 2000 as the founder of JONAH, was found guilty in 1989 of numerous felonies in multiple jurisdictions,” reports SouthFloridaGayNews.com. “The charges ranged from federal mail and wire fraud to conspiracy counts as a result of a bogus bond writing scheme. Goldberg was sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment in the Central District of California, which he served concurrently with a an Illinois sentence imposed at the same time. It was followed by five years of supervised probation and a $100,000 fine, eventually paid on November 24, 1999. K. William O’Connor, the U.S. attorney who put him away, said at his sentencing that Goldberg was ‘a man who habitually took advantage of people who were economically dependent upon him; that he did not hesitate to lie or cheat or cover up to achieve his criminal aim. His greed has cause[d] incalculable harm.’”

Though causing “incalculable harm,” to be fair, is sort of a requirement when counseling homosexuals on how to deny their disgusting feelings.

Goldberg, who also serves as executive secretary of the pro-conversion therapy outfit National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, believes “people are not born gay; there’s no such thing as a gay gene.” Gay kids, meanwhile, should be treated as if “addicted to drugs or alcohol.”

But rather than deriding this man for conspicuously abandoning his middle name to avoid Google searches trying him to his past, we should be commending Goldberg for reinventing himself and seeking out new opportunities. This is the American dream.

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  • terrwill

    No suprise here. The entire “Ex-Gay” movement is a fraud. Those who believe this crap are ignorant fools easily duped. The person seeking “help” (who is simply dealing with emerging Gay sensibilites) are easily duped into “contributing towards the cause”. Parents fearful that their son may “fall victim to the Gay agenda” will donate the “suggested donations” to prevent the Gay demons from enveloping their son. Makes perfect sense that one so comfortable with scamming persons out of their money would be perfectley at home in this “movement”. We need to realize that the Gay community is the biggest cash cow for these lunatics…………….

  • romeo

    Wonder what the malpractice situation is for these guys. That cash cow business can be a two-way street.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Ex Gays are the New Jonestown Followers – mindless, weak failures who seek out subjugation as acceptance. This guy is a demagogue wannabe (and quite probably Schizophrenic) given his wild career swings including his extensive criminal path! Warn Aunt Esther!

  • Dr. Jallen Rix

    This is fascinating information since his behavior is quite similar to all ex-gays, especially the “professional” ones. Take the organization you mentioned NARTH, for example. It looks perfectly psychological with no sign of it being a religious organization. Yet if you do the homework, every single member is motivated not by psychology but by a belief that God has told them in the Bible that homosexuality is a sin and therefore cure-worthy. Why the subterfuge? Why it’s the behavior they are all use to. Put on a “legitimate” appearance to be accepted by the greater public, when in reality what goes on is very different than they profess. This is what I was taught when I was an ex-gay. If you can’t be straight on the inside, at least be straight on the outside. Attempting this deception destroyed my self-esteem and any sense of integrity. That’s what these organizations are doing, and look! Mr. Goldberg has made a life (of crime) out of being deceptive. Sounds perfectly consistent, and sadly pathetic behavior.

    As an Ex-gay survivor myself, I encourage all ex-gay and religious abuse survivors to tell our stories and show that these damaging organizations are not only harming people, but they are doing it ultimately in the name of Jesus. And by Christianity’s own standards, they are so far from the unconditional love of God. I’m on the edge of having my story published by Findhorn Press. It is the telling of my life, surviving the ex-gay world, religious abuse and recovery from it all. Click on my name if you’d like to learn more.

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