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  • Erick

    I actually think he looks better now…

  • Marcus

    @Erick: I agree. He may not be model size and all now, but he still looks good and from the previews, himbo Reichen agree as well.

  • WeiWei

    That other queen is such a Mary.

  • L.

    “Tiny todger” isn’t “Keith-speak”, it’s perfectly normal British English.

  • rrr

    The weight really went to the lower half of his face. His head looks normal and proportionate in the old photo.

    I’d stick with the cute sweet brazilian. Aside from looks, desperation for attention reeks from Austin.

  • Devon

    Well there goes one minute of my life I can never get back…

  • alan brickman

    where are the masc gays? they do exist you know….

  • David

    This guy’s lack of appeal is more about his personality than his looks.

  • Mark212

    Neither of these guys are cute.

  • Trip

    Everyone on that show is repugnant. And tacky, tacky, TACKY.

  • Bored

    These guys are all gross. Why is this show on LOGO? It’s like if BET ran a “reality minstrel show.”

  • spider_orchid

    If LOGO was smart they’d dump all these queens except Rodiney, hook him up with Ambrose Price and have the two of them have adventures together. Hours of fun people. HOURS.

  • Chagall

    I had such high hopes for this show. They were dashed much like my interest in much of LOGO’s Buffy repeats shows. Only Mike Ruiz is remotely A list. The rest of the cast is a cadre of wannabes and awful, stereotypical ones at that. I used to live in New York and I can tell you that this group is not A list as the true A listers wouldn’t participate in such a show as this. The one guy who says that there isn’t a party he can’t get into about sums it up…the Salahis from RHoDC can say the same thing and look at them….Frauds.

  • stanhope

    Who cares the size of Reichen’s wanger? He’s a BOTTOM!!!!! Not that it’s a bad thing but it tends to refocus the argument. Now that is likely the real reason Austin is evil….he’s tired of being a [email protected]@@y bumper. I’m just sayin’.

  • Luxury

    @Trip: I couldn’t agree more..

    Sidenote: BET did run a reality minstrel show. It was called “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is”, and who could forget the spin-of “Frankie & Neffie”… LOL

  • Queerduck

    DIARRHEA television-it stinks. it’s messy. it’s embarrashing! gay pride left the room.

  • Ronbo

    Normal people don’t “work” on TV. Let the rodeo clowns loose on LOGO! If this is “gay”, I’m going back to straight.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Insipid, insipid, insipid….Logo = NO GO

  • Patrick

    I sat through the first episode to see what a train wreck it would be, I was not disappointed. These tired wannabe ‘A’ listers would have been chewed up and spit out when NYC had a ‘gay’ scene, those days are long gone. The death knell came with the start of AIDS and ended with Mayor 9/11.

  • Bud

    I tried to watch this show but they are all a bunch of D-listers. And for a “reality” show it’s so incredibly scripted. I wish they had real A-listers. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Anderson Copper, guys like that. I give this show a big P.U.!

  • scott ny'er

    so, if Reichen is a bottom, then that means Austin is a… top? No, really?

  • Tj

    Logo…ugh…what a dreadful selection of programming they’ve come up with.

    I agree with just about every negative comment above. I’m sorry, but I do.

    I suspect LOGO is actually run by a bunch of homophobic liberals and conservatives – aggressively pushing stereotypes (and NEGATIVE ones at that) to keep the general public deep in their comfortable ignorance and justified homophobia.

    If all I knew of gay people was from watching this show, and many other LOGO trashy shows (Drag U, etc) I’d be a big-time homophobe.

    Thanks so much LOGO.

    And go fuck yourselves.

  • Taylor

    Wow…Real klahzy.

  • Kieran

    You don’t seriously want more Buffy the Vampire re-runs and RuPaul drag queen shows on logo do you? Be thankful they’re finally offering a show portraying a sample of some real gay men. Yes, I said REAL. You can’t dispute that the prissy bitchiness of Derek who lives his life waiting to be appalled or offended by some real or imagined faux pas, isn’t totally realistic of many gay men? Unfortunate and unattractive as it may be, it is real.

  • Tj


    I somewhat agree with you. Yes, this is definitely not pretty – nor was it supposed to be.

    But…it’s not “real” in the sense you can tell so much is scripted and more than a little bit staged.

    The BIG PROBLEM? The show is called “A-List” and it’s anything but… unless I’m not getting a sarcastic point LOGO is making (I think they’re serious.) Maybe that’s the point? These guys are not anywhere near A-List anything. I don’t want to offend them, but they really are speaking some lines that are beyond gross. Ex: “The Hamptons are A-List so of COURSE I’m here every weekend.”

    Did they edit this to make him say that like that? Or did he really? He seems like a smart guy – but maybe just too desperate? My heart goes out to him.

    I would welcome and applaud a “reality” show that showed these same guys as who they really are. Warts, strengths, beauty and the wonderful people they have buried deep inside. But don’t call it “A-List” for Pete’s sake.

    I know a few wonderful guys, and girls, who truly are A-List. I doubt they would ever agree to such a spectacle.

    But why not a show with guys and girls who would love to be A-List, but have something these folks are depicted to lack: CHARACTER. Why not show these guys growing their spirit and character? Maybe they already have some, but the show is really doing them an injustice if they have. During the party scene, I was taken by the one guy who accepted the donations for his charity. Gay, Straight or Bi, he completely stole the show. And the cameras could not get away fast enough!

    More of people like that please. Now that would be something worth watching.

  • Jackson

    While we’re talking about NYC, I went there for the first time this past summer and is it just me or is the gay scene lame there or was I just not at the right places? I did a bunch of research before I left for the “hot” bars & clubs but when I actually went to these places, they were just blah at best.

  • scott ny'er

    @Jackson: i think you need to tell us what is “hot” to you and what is “blah” to you.

  • scott ny'er

    @Kieran: oh, good, it’s not just me who thought Derek was a trouble-maker (and has airs about him that he shouldn’t have). Really, Rodiney is the only interesting, likable dude there. And maybe the photographer and Reichman are semi-likable. Austin is a combo of good and bad.

  • Stephen Thorn

    Watching “The A’ List” characters interact is sort of like watching the movie “Mean Girls”…they (with the possible exception of Rodney & Mike Ruiz) act like a bunch of bitchy jr. high school girls.Reichen seems okay, although he comes off on the show as sort of whiney & self-absorbed…but at least he doesn’t seem like a stereotypical bitchy queen. Speaking of bitchy queens,I especially can’t stand Derek (the self-proclaimed tanorexic, who along with that snotty long-haired fag hag he seems to take everywhere, seems to think of himself as the Queen Bee of this pack of losers), and Ryan (the bleached blonde hairdresser who calls his sugar daddy Desmond,Big-which gives me the distinct impression Ryan thinks of himself as the Carrie Bradshaw character from “Sex and the City”…when he really looks more like Big Bird from “Sesame Street” with a bad dye job). Even though I can’t relate to the characters’ shallow values (i.e. money,social-climbing,vanity,etc; appearing to be of the utmost importance for most of these guys) I do have to admit watching this show (so far, anyway) has been my recent guilty pleasure…it’s sort of like watching a train wreck in process!

  • scott ny'er

    @Stephen Thorn: LOL. Man, I’m right there with you. I think this show is good to make fun of. You watch it and then laugh about it with your friends later.

  • Hunter

    I think everyone is missing the point that this show is HILARIOUS.

    Imbibe of cannabis and alcohol and simply enjoy the hilarity.

    Of course they aren’t A-Listers. Just like the Real Housewives of Where-ever are not really the ‘social elite’ of the cities which they inhabit. Reality TV like this always stars rich attention whores, which means all of these personalities would be here whether it be a het or homo show.

  • Seth

    Austin is the definition of “dumb as a rock”. Being pretty didn’t get him anywhere in Chicago b/c it was still like talking to the wall. No wonder he moved to NYC to become Marc’s rent a boy.

  • rdj22

    I think that the show is very funny. The “A” listers that I know in NY are already in the entertainment industry and wouldn’t be on this show. I will say that Mike for sure would be the only one on the “A” list. I really don’t have anything negative to say about this show, except it is what it is.

  • jay

    The A -list? Of what? Pretentious clueless fame whores looking for their 15 minutes from fame gained by bashing others on TV? That’s talent? Mother Theresa, Gandhi- they’re A-listers. These folks are barely z list. Do something meaningful, productive and worthwhile and then we’ll talk maybe w list.
    Shameful dreck- can’t watch this show. If I hear that queen talk about social climbing one more time- clueless. She has NO IDEA what the Social Register is- and THAT is a joke in itself. Anyone who is anyone is already there and does not have to advertise it anywhere. SOmeone who talks about ‘climbing’ certainly is no where themselves.
    CLUELESS morons who don’t even know how much they are embarrassing themselves.
    The doctor should have slapped you harder when you were born.

  • chimmy

    although I watch this show, yes it is a bit stereotypical. I want to see more “butch men”, not a bunch of nelly queens.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @chimmy: Oh they could never do that, it would make straight people uncomfortable if we were portrayed as too much like them.

  • Bobby

    Those queers do not represent me and the people I know. You couldn’t pay me to watch that train wreck.

  • Tony

    Nothing special…..enjoy your 15 seconds

  • Greg

    Basically agree with everyone here. It’s a terrible show, like the rest of LOGO’s projects. I had high hopes for the documentary series, especially “Butch Factor.” Wow, that fell short. A reality show surrounding a gay team or gay athletes could have been good. May more dynamic characters, running the gambit from queen to butch and showing the interactions between masculine opposites and stereotypes. The A-List is just pathetic. I can’t believe Reichen would do such a shitty show after his appearance on the Amazing Race, especially when he kept saying he didn’t want his relationship brought public again. ??? Then why would you do a reality show?

  • Skeptical Cicada

    Common trash.

  • Corey

    People really get over yourselves. no body wants to watch boring wannabe straight acting gay men. If femininity and overt gayness offends thee then scamper off to any of the three hundred and sixty-four channels out there that appeals to your demographic. If you want to watch football and cars and other butch stuff who is stopping you? you can watch that on every channel. Football players don’t have drama…they drink beer and watch sports, mechanics don’t have drama they drink beer and watch sports. Rodeo bull riders don’t have drama they drink beer and what sports. The male/female dynamic had not changed….whether gay or not. The fems have drama, the trade watches TV, mows the lawn and fixes things around the house. So don’t kid yourselves, if you want butch turn to ABC and go watch Monday night football!

  • jckfmsincty

    Austin is the best looking boy in the trailer park.

  • unknown guy

    hi he is smokin hot lol

  • Cam

    Funny how this guy was supposedly a “Model” and yet you can’t seem to find any actual modeling photos of him anywhere.

    Can they just get real and call him an escort instead of continuing with that phony “Model” label?

    Everybody knows where Marc Jacobs finds his boyfriends, and it isn’t in the pages of GQ.

  • jckfmsincty

    In addition to being pudgy, Austin has a lazy eyelid. It’s no wonder that he is so jealous of the fabulous Rodiney. And Rodiney, dump the girly Reichen. You can do so much better.

  • Shane

    I’m a gay-friendly straight-guy who enjoys the show for all the wrong reasons. I want to turn away, shielding my eyes from the embarrassment…regarding either Logo’s lame attempt to dupe the stupid, like the WWF dupes most Republicans into thinking wrestling is real…or for the pathetic and cartoon like characters…but I can’t.

    If this is Logo’s attempt at a PR campaign to instill the most ridiculous gay stereotypes to cable cruising straight people like me, they’ve earned an “A” plus! I’ve had plenty of gay friends and even a roommate in my hetro lifetime, and this is the gay part of life I’ve never seen. Maybe my gay buddies were hiding the truth from me! I hope not….

  • amb

    @Cam: ha that was a good one!

  • amb

    @Shane: No, this show is a joke, although I have known plenty of queens like these in the show, they are not representative of most (outside of nyc and Los angeles) at least!

  • kitty litter

    Rodiney is the best thing about this show. One, he is the best looking guy. Two, he doesn’t come across as an insult to our community. Three, he is sexy as hell. Four, he has a hugh todger.

    What a joke Austin is. Doubtful that he will like another 10 years and just as well since he will not want to revisit what a horrible person he has shown the world she is.

    Derek and the rest are just the same. The problem with being on TV as you will have to live with your hatefulness the rest of your life. You can’t change a first impression.

    Who are these people to say who should be together and what type of person would want others relationships to fail. This say more about that person then anything.

    Seriously, outside of Rodiney and Reichen would you want to be around any of these people. They have made themselves a joke to the gay community and they are too stupid to know otherwise.

  • jckfmsincty

    Reichen, your are 14 years older than Austin. How could you let him play you for such a fool?

  • LeonardoNYC

    This show is not only a colossal embarassment for gay men, it sets our agenda back 20 years at least. Logo took a bunch of meatballs with no dignity or class and catapaulted them from the obscurity where they belong to fame, regrettably at our expense. These losers will do more to promote Propostion 8 and similar laws if straight people, who might be sitting on the fence, get a glimpse of these imbeciles. LOGO…stop hurting all of us by your obvious lack of discretion in how you choose to represent us. Get rid of these D List neanderthals and let’s see some positive gay role models integrated into your programming..and while you’re at it, fire your programming staff. Their lack of originality (how many freaking Buffy and Ru Paul episodes must you subject us to?) does not bode well for you. Count me as one of the many LOGO defectors. There are no rainbows at LOGO these days. A List should be retitled ” The A as in Assholes List”. Leonardo from NYC

  • Rob Moore

    @Greg: Are you kidding? Reichen is the biggest fame whore of all. I hope Chip realises how very lucky he was to be dumped by Reichen after the Amazing Race. The only people on this show who are remotely likable are Rodiney and Mike are the only ones who come across as someone who might be ok. Why Rodiney stays with someone like Reichen is beyond me. I found that at times, I simply had to fast forward through scenes that were just too awful to watch, which was most anything with Derek, Austin, or that ferret-guy who wears hats and tags along like jackal following a lion hoping for scraps of food. I also have to fast forward through anything that has Reichen blubbering, talking about feelings, or interacting with Austin who was the second worst of the bunch after Derek. About half way through the series, I quit, deleted the rest of the episode from my DVR, then deleted the series recording. I really cannot watch anymore of this. Logo lured me back with this program and just as quickly lost me. Talk about useless, self-absorbed, narcissistic people. I need a shower just talking about them.

  • jckfmsincty

    Austin is an alcoholic.

  • rayek46

    Logo continues its slide into irrelevance for me. The A-List. Sigh. Every time I saw that Austin it brought to mind that line in the classic movie “Animal House”: “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” And I mean that with extreme sincerity. Rodiney, who came across as the only genuine person of the group, could do so much better than the blubbering, weak, Reichen. The show was sour. Logo should bring back Noah’s Arc, The Gay Sketch Show, and that Happiest Couple animated show.

  • Sexy Rexy

    Austin is cute, but hardly model material. I’d like to see someone punch his face in. Then he’d NEVER model.

  • Spike

    To be young and loosing ones looks and body so quickly after dating M.Jacobs, and on a tragic reality TV show. I could die for him. And how humiliating for that himbo Reichen, might as well tattoo BOTTOM on his forehead!

  • cj


    The “gay scene” in NYC cannot be found at any bar or club. NYC is a sophisticated city with endless diversity. We don’t live in insular gay worlds. Of my group of friends, only 1 or 2 spends any significant time in a “hot” bar or club. In fact, only a few are queer. We generally see films, have late dinners in bistros, see theatre, go to museums, meet for happy hour, attend events, grab lunch… On occasion, we hang out at a “gay” bar.

  • timoteo

    Austin is always criticizing Rodiney for mooching off Reichen. Pot, meet Kettle. Austin is a lazy user who must either be a trust fund baby or a prostitute. Bottom line is he is jealous of the hot Latin stud!!!

    Derek, Ryan and TJ are the girliest girls of the gay world.

    Reichen is self-absorbed, boring but very easy on the eyes.

    Mike is about the only accomplished one in the bunch. Aside from Rodiney, the only likeable guys on A-List.

    All in all, this show is trash but a guilty pleasure for sure.

  • Jake

    Derek is so disgusting! No wonder he can’t find or keep a boyfriend, they all go running.

    I lost count at how many purses fell out of his mouth when it opened. Gross! I would bet money he has a vagina.

  • rugged1

    Is this a joke. Are these really the guys that the gay community considers as their A-listers? how pathetic. Austin is the biggest joke of them all. When you listen to his speech pattern it is clear he is not educated. He comes across as white trash from West Virginia. So, he seems to believe that if he can attack the south american, Rodney and the black female, Nysha, it will somehow elevate him in the eyes of the other white guys. Dear Austin, I think you should take a look at the guys you are trying to impress. They are not impressive. They are not very smart, attractive etc. They are just damaged wounded queens just like you. I am so disappointed that Logo couldn’t find gay men that enjoy being men.

  • LI

    Love the show and all the people in it. But even with all the drama, or maybe even more so, I feel for Austin the most. I can really respect a man if he shows who he really is…I always love people for being real, not bending with opinions of other people…

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