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What World Do We Live In Where NOM Supports DADT Repeal And Peter LaBarbera Attacks NOM For It?


Back in September the National Organization for Marriage tweeted: ” There is no need to prohibit gays and lesbians from openly serving in the Armed Forces. They should have the opportunity to serve.” (The group’s Twitter account also re-tweeted calls on Obama not to appeal court rulings striking down DADT.) And so the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s Peter LaBarbera (pictured) responds: “I couldn’t believe this item, which we are late to report: the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the leading pro-traditional-marriage group in the country, has come out for allowing open homosexuals in the military. … This is the latest exercise in ‘pro-family’ political and strategic folly. For all the great work that it does, NOM is dead wrong on this one. … Can’t NOM see that it is undercutting its own cause (and the truth) by pandering to the ‘Gay’ Lobby’s goal of homosexuality as a state-backed ‘civil right’?” And there, finally, is the straw that breaks these bigot camels backs!

While LaBarbera’s group is against anything that might bring equality to the lives of gay Americans, NOM only wants to restrict them from using the word “marriage.” I love it when hatemongers get into spats!

So what happens now that former NOM head Maggie Gallagher is coming out in support of Team Tyler Clementi, saying the “suicide of that teen was not only a tragedy it was a crime. The young people who violated laws out of mindless desire to bully or embarrass or whatever the heck kids do this stuff will be prosecuted and probably jailed, I hope. Nothing in the press accounts suggest the kids who did this were motivated by homophobia, and the cruelty of cyberbullying is causing teen suicides among those who are not gay, as well. I do not think the absence of gay marriage is the cause of these tragedies or its presence will resolve them. We can make this a symbol of all our other fights, or we can try to save all our kids, gay and straight, from this kind of ugly and mindless cruelty. My heart goes out to the family of the young man. God bless him and them.”

C’mon, Peter, where’s your rebuttal? Say something about how Tyler brought it upon himself!

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  • greybat

    I guess she’s just getting tired of being called a Bigot every five minutes.
    It’s so bad for Recruiting.

  • touchydpad

    I am resoundingly shocked at Maggie Gallagher’s statement and show of humanity in light of this awful tragedy. Also surprised and yet somehow not, at how she worked in her anti-gay marriage stance into those statements.

  • Clark

    That’s not Peter LaBarbera. That’s Matt Barber. Get your homophobes straight!

  • Dan

    @Clark: You may get them “correct” but you’ll never get them “straight.”

  • wompman

    Maggie Gallagher: The More Humane Hater.

  • WillBFair

    I’ll tell you what kind of world we live in: a world that fears kind and smart people. Look what was done to the Clintons. Ya’ll are obsessed with your immature hatreds, are unable to reason, and won’t listen to those of us who can.

  • TruthTeller

    WillBFair : Most gays can’t reason. They have their pre-set “enemies” and “friends” and never veer from that. They just react. The homosexual used to be men like Sir Francis Bacon. Now they are ghettoized Lady Gaga-bots.

  • WillBFair

    Thruthteller: thanks for the reply.
    Actually, it is not just queers who can’t reason. It’s the 99 percent hung up with immature emotions.
    Liberals are too selfish and lazy. The rich are greedy and heartless. The right wing are hateful and ignorant. And queers are full of self hatred and internalized homophobia.
    The tragedy is that anyone who can reason is a threat to their emotional issues. And so we get tuned out.
    Oh well.

  • TruthTeller

    Will : I greatly agree with all that. I guess I just focused on the queers, specifically, because I have a lot to do with them so they’re gonna irk me the most. But, you’re right about those other groups too.

  • WillBFair

    It’s sad. I learned 30 years ago during the aids crisis that you can’t cure unresolved emotions with rational argument. They have to heal their themselves, which often takes decades.
    Anyway, thanks again for the reply. Good wishes to you.

  • WillBFair

    @WillBFair: Whoops. I mean ‘they have to heal themselves’.

  • TruthTeller

    Thank YOU, WillBFair. You speak like a gentleman, which is nice for a change.

  • matt

    True that the changing of laws or allowing GLBT community equal rights alone will not completely stop GLBT students from suicide – but taking the hatemongers onto the carpet for using terms like gay are same as terrorists and or gays are social abortions, or preventing Ministers from telling congriations that all gays should die, would be a huge step to prevent kids from believing there is no other way out. When you believe the world and family will hate me if they find out I’m gay what would a kid think…. our American society and the media networks is more vocal about broadcasting or publishing and making available its hate messages to the GLBT community – or to anyone surfing the web…. what would impressionaable minds think other than a life of being hate ending with damnation in Hell and brimstone?

  • [email protected]

    Oh no she didn’t! Peter LaBarbara from the Americans for Truth Abouyt Homosexuality is EVER so pissed that NOM would support a DADT repeal. ‘Course, I think NOM is insincere about this, since their founder, one Maggie Gallagher, has declared in writing (thaniks to NOMExposed) that she opposes ALL rights for Gays!

  • Mark

    “nothing in the press accounts suggest the kids who did this were motivated by homophobia.”

    Let’s see, then what other reason could there possibly be? Hhhmmmm? Ms Gallagher, don’t you think your messages of hate have played a role in this? My answer is ya know what, I’m sure of it.

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