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When F1 Champ Niki Lauda Bashes Alfons ‘Bruno’ Haider For Dancing With A Man, He Isn’t Homophobic!

Not everybody is thrilled Alfons Haider, the Austrian television reporter widely believed to be Sacha Baron Cohen’s inspiration for Bruno, will be competing on the reality show Dancing Stars with another man. There’s Niki Lauda, Austria’s three-time Formula One world champion, who insists he’s not homophobic when he says Haider should be barred from dancing with a heterosexual guy on the show. And he wants it taken to the top!

“I am completely serious,” Lauda, who now owns his own airline, says in a newspaper interview. “I am furious that the publicly funded state broadcaster, which is paid for by licence payers, is so desperate to boost viewer numbers that it decides to promote gay dancing. There are so many good things in our culture and one of those is that men dance with women. At this rate we will soon have to be saying sorry because we are heterosexual. What really disturbs me is they are so worried about viewer numbers that they want to destroy valuable traditions from our land. I don’t want my children to see on the state television that a man is dancing with a man and that they believe that they should do the same. I want the general director Alexander Wrabetz, who is also a legally married man, to stop this gay dance number and that the self promoting Alfons Haider should not be allowed on public television to promote his gay show. I also want the Board of Directors and politicians to get involved.”

But c’mon, it’s not like he’s being bigoted, y’all! “I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals,” Lauda insists. “In fact, quite the contrary. In my airline Fly Niki I even have a few working for me, there is even some who are trainers. All I want is that children and teenagers don’t get to see the wrong role models in dancing. The best thing about dancing is that men dance with women and therefore this viewer chasing game number from Mister Haider needs to be stopped.”

No. The best thing about dancing is the tight Lycra outfits.

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  • gregger

    He was an idiot when I met him years ago. Sad to see he’s never changed.

  • Aunt Sharon

    Niki, don’t be an Arschloch. If your boys want to dace with boys, then that’s what they’ll do. And more. If they prefer to dance with girls, well then, breathe easy.

  • Cam

    “”What really disturbs me is they are so worried about viewer numbers that they want to destroy valuable traditions from our land.””

    Valuable traditions…you know, like carting people off to concentration camps.

  • Simon

    @Cam you forgot about keeping kids in basement and raping them…ok enough stereotypes
    he’s just old creepy guy, he won’t live longer than few years, so why we should care?

  • Andy

    He sounds like the News Ltd. hacks over here, who think that the public broadcasters (ABC and SBS) should only show things which appease the white rich elite, rather than obey their charters and actually represent the entire population. People like him really piss me off.

  • sam

    “the best thing asbout dancing is that men dance with women.”


    Surely the best thing about dancing is the beautiful art form and displays of physical fitness >_>

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