sex ed

Wherein Young Gay Guys Discuss Their First Times

“I was kind of nervous, because I had sex with a girl before but not with a guy. I didn’t know what it was like,” says one young man. “I made the mistake of flexing my anus,” says another, “and he, well, I thought it was relaxed, but it wasn’t and he just bashed through.” Ouch! In this semi-NSFW video (you can just ignore all the dildos) about first-time sexual experiences, these young gay men explain the mistakes they made — and what they learned to enjoy. An appropriate video for third graders? Certainly not. But for every one thousand It Gets Better videos, how about we distribute one video that frankly discusses what happens when two dudes lie down together? Because the only way it really gets, uh, better is if you know how better it can get.