Which Closeted Celebrities Will Come Out In 2013?

As we get ready to say farewell to 2012, it’s clear this is a different era for gay celebrities: This year we saw Matt Bomer, Zachary Quinto and Jim Parsons all come out to little or no controversy.

But who’s going to come out in 2013? We can’t for sure, but we’ve consulted our Magic 8 Ball to hazard some educated guesses.

jamie foxxJamie Foxx

Comic Katt Williams is claiming the Django Unchained star is in a closeted relationship with protege Marques Anthony. It’s not the first time Foxx has face gay rumors, but with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and White House Down both in pre-production, it’s unlikely he’d tamper with his image if he was indeed family.


Queen Latifah

The Queen has long been tagged as a lady lover: She’s been spotted at gay clubs on both coasts and photos of her cavorting with her girlfriend on a yacht surfaced a few years back. Latifah even headlined Long Beach Pride, and she referred to the assembled queers as “my people.” (Of course her publicists quickly said nothing about her sexuality should be inferred by that.)

If she’s a lesbian, Latifah would have several reasons to come out besides just living honestly. She’s got a talk show set to debut in fall 2013, and we all know how America loves its lesbian talk show hosts.


John Travolta

Are there any masseurs that haven’t made allegations of sexual misconduct against Travolta? It’s really nothing new: Over the years there’s been rumors of an affair with porn star Paul Barresi, that photo of Travolta kissing a male friend on a tarmac, and other items floating through the tabloids.

Plus there’s that holiday album he did with Olivia Newton-John. If he wasn’t gay before… 



The That’s So Raven star was linked to America’s Next Top Model contestant AzMarie Livingston in The National Enquirer, but seemed coy about addressing rumors directly.

If she was indeed a lesbian (or bi), sharing it publicly would further help the public see her as an adult, not an adolescent Disney star with psychic powers.


Chace Crawford

Aside from the fact that he spells his name “Chace” (puh-leez), Crawford has allegedly been spotted getting comfortable in the steam room at Equinox and was once linked to N’SYNC’s J.C. Chasez. (An article in The New York Observer kinda sorta outed him.)

With Gossip Girl off the air,  there’s less pressure on Crawford to stay in the closet—if, indeed, he’s in there to begin with.


Kellan LutzKellan Lutz

With the Twilight movies over, Lutz is free to come out without distracting from the highly successful teen-film franchise. There’s actually a smart reason for Lutz to disclose if he’s gay: In the upcoming All You Need is Love, Lutz plays a straight man in a world where 90% of the population is gay.

Imagine the boost the movie would get!


Shepard SmithShepard Smith

Twelve months ago, we never would have thought a Fox News personality would (or could) be openly gay. But Smith has been outspoken in his support for gay marriage and criticized the GOP for being  on the “wrong side of history.”

In the wake of changing public mores, Fox has been trying to rebrand itself as slightly less cuckoo and hate-filled. Having a Log Cabin-type newscaster could help.

ellen page
Ellen Page

The Inception star has fielded so many lesbian rumors she could be Jodie Foster. (One blogger photographed her kissing her alleged girlfriend.) But though she’s been supportive of the LGBT community, we kind of feel like if she was going to come out she’d have done it by now.


tim-cook-3Tim Cook

With the death of Steve Jobs, Cook, 51, became the CEO of Apple and one of the most powerful men in the tech world. It’s an open secret Cook is gay, though he’s never made a public comment about it. There’s a good chance we could see Cook in another one of those low-key coming outs: As a mostly behind-the-scenes guy, he doesn’t really have much to close.


charlie cristCharlie Crist

The perma-tanned Florida politician already switched political allegiances to make himself more appealing to the Obama Administration. It’s not that much of a stretch to think he’d finally come out in hopes of being the president’s first openly gay cabinet pick.


Will Smith at the 2011 Walmart Shareholders MeetingWill Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith

Gay rumors have dogged Will Smith since he starred in Fresh Prince, when WeHo homos regularly claiming they’d seen him at the clubs. Ironically speculation increased after he married Jada Pinkett and got involved in Scientology.

With the Pinkett-Smith marriage routinely on the rocks (according to the tabloids, anyway) Smith has a chance to become America’s first out matinee idol. But we’re gonna put this one on the “cold day in hell” list.
jeremy rennerJeremy Renner

Is Hawkeye a friend of Dorothy? That’s what the National Enquirer alleged a few years back, though Renner now says he’s not bugged by gay rumors.

With the Bourne franchise rolling along and another Avengers flick in the works, Renner will probably be spotted with various starlets for some time to come. But as recent arrival to the A List, it’s possible he’ll take a different road than his predecessors.


tom cruiseTom Cruise

Speaking of predecessors, if Tom Cruise is gay—and we’re definitely not asserting he is—his would be the nuclear bomb of celebrity coming-outs. Sharing his truth could help Cruise comes off as more human (a problem he’s always had), but the guy has three ex-wives and kids from two marriages. Like Will Smith, he’s probably dug himself in too deep to come out now.

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