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Which City In The World Boasts The Best Clubs And The Wildest, All-Night Parties?

For many, New York City will always be considered the city that never sleeps. But new nightlife contenders are entertaining party animals until dawn all over the world. In Rio de Janeiro, nightlife is one big carnival. Berlin and Barcelona battle it out for Europe’s hottest clubs. Meanwhile in the U.S., Las Vegas and Miami compete for hosting the steamiest parties year-round. Which of these cities wins the “Nonstop Nightlife” category?

Vote now in Best of GayCities and enter to win a trip on American Airlines. You can vote everyday until Sunday, January 19 to increase your chances to win.

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  • bernadettedse

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  • qrtywaswayoff

    Am I missing something, or does everything shut by 4am in New York? Sydney, on the other hand, can go all weekend.

  • iMort

    Back in the early 1980’s San Francisco had a shot at that title, now somewhere else in the world…..

  • frshmn

    SF really isn’t a club/all-night partying city, but fun none the less. New York, Chicago, Miami in the US. Does Vegas have a gay club scene? Berlin, London and Barcelona are all pretty crazy.

  • Mediocrates

    @frshmn: Yeah, Las Vegas has a gay club scene, and you definitely CAN go all night, if you want to. You WON’T want to, though.

    I’ve been to Vegas a number of times for work/vacation, and have generally been unimpressed with the nightlife. The gay clubs are basically straight club clones: dress codes, VIP sections w/ $500 bottles of Absolut, pretentious patrons and rude staff. Oh, and many of the clubs there charge you more (much more)at the door if you have an out-of-state ID.

    Of course, your mileage may vary, and it has been a while since I’ve been (been avoiding it, actually), so things may have changed. Things are probably a lot better for the locals, too, I would imagine. Just my .02.

  • Herlinda S. Osorio

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