If you haven’t yet seen the Oscar-winning Whiplash, then be sure to pick it up along with a couple of other home entertainment highlights this week — the restored and very queer classic Fellini Satyricon (above) and a new, off-kilter indie, Young Bodies Heal Quickly.

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($34.99 Blu-ray, $30.99 DVD; Sony)

Even if you hate jazz music, this Oscar-winning tale of a young drummer with perhaps a little too much self-entitlement (Miles Teller) and his sadistic teacher (Best Supporting Actor JK Simmons) is intense, thrilling stuff. Extras include the original short film the feature sprung from, a deleted scene, a commentary, a filmmaker conversation, and documentary about drummers and their teachers.


Fellini Satyricon

($39.99 Blu-ray, $29.99 DVD; Criterion)

Famously decadent, queer, and quintessentially Fellini — if you want to know where the term “Fellini-esque” came from, this will school you — the Italian director’s 1969 classic takes place in ancient Rome. Episodic in structure, one of its most famous storylines involves Encolpio (Martin Potter) and his love, Gitone (Max Born), an androgynous youth sold to and passed around by a variety of other older gents. The earthquake sequence, in a pre-CGI era, is pretty darned cool too. This beautiful 4k restored edition’s wealth of extras include a vintage 1970 61-minute documentary, clips from several Fellini interviews, a brand new 24-minute documentary, an interview with the film’s set photographer Mary Ellen Mark, and more.

Young Bodies Heal Quickly

(VOD; Fandor)

Executive produced by Still Alice‘s Christine Vachon and Killer Films, first time feature director Andrew T. Betzer’s debut is an utterly transfixing, at time bizarre tale of two rural brothers, known simply as “older” and “younger,” who hit the road after killing a girl. Shot on 16mm film stock, with a climactic Vietnam War re-enactment, this is on par with Harmony Korine’s Americana cult classic, Gummo.


110064_frontBig Hero 6


Horrible Bosses 2

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