court couplings

Who Found Love (Or Bathroom Lust) at the Perry Trial?

As Olson/Boies battles Cooper/Thompson in the federal Prop 8 trial, feelings will be hurt, sides will be taken, and battles will be won. But at least two attendees of Perry v. Schwarzenegger are enjoying the proceedings in their own special way: by getting it on in the courthouse bathroom.

We hear the twosome was spotted making out during either a recess or the lunch break at Thursday’s Perry proceedings. The pairing “was full on making out, in that gross high school sort of way,” relays an eyewitness, who had the misfortune of walking in on the coupling in the loo. And while it would’ve made us all warm fuzzy to report the tongue session was of the same-sex variety, it wasn’t; the spit swapping was full blown heterosexual.

Well, at least someone — or someones — are enjoying the show.