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Who Is Black Spark? Let Him Tell You Himself

The mysterious porn star — dubbed by some to be “the Banksy of porn,” which is jumping the gun just a LOT — who goes by the name Black Spark has the Internets, especially the XTubes, in a tizzy trying to figure out who he is. A porn star from Eh, I’m hard pressed to care, because the real story is the “art” that Black Spark is making with creative lighting, editing, and song choice. Do your own Googling if you want to find his videos and such, but sitting down for his first audio interview with Ben and Dave at The Six Pack (and possibly giving more clues to his true identity!), Black Spark might deliver more questions than answers.

[flv: 650 400]

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  • j

    Why won’t he just disappear?

  • EdWoody

    @j: Because he has more to offer the world than you do.

  • EdWoody

    You know this personally?

  • Oh Boy

    He is the JT Leroy of gay porn. Except we know he is not a woman. He looks like he wants to hold up a bank in this photo.

  • Quandary

    I admit that this guy is hot, but the “artsy” aspects of his videos are way over hyped. They’re so stereotypically “artsy” that it just seems like a parody of a bad student film, but with more cocks.

  • Marc

    I enjoyed his videos. It’s nice to see something other than a series of static shots, and he’s had some inspired music selections. Almost everything goes better with a meaningful soundtrack.

    That being said, there’s nothing terribly innovative, outside of breaking out of the inherent laziness of modern porn. Any effort is appreciated, but there’s a danger that the achievement becomes overhyped – such as calling someone – anyone! – the Banksy of porn.

  • Franky

    Heard about him a while back. Definitely more interesting to watch than most porn. Much better song choice too.

  • AJD

    I saw his videos on Xtube and thought they were incredibly hot, sort of a missing link between porn and art.

    I definitely prefer them over so much of the porn today that just has guys fucking each other like robots, occasionally punctuated by a perfunctory “Oh yeah, take that cock, oh yeah!”

  • Str8Edge

    Glad I saved all his videos before he took them off XTUBE hah The videos are cool, but art? Well, I guess anything can be art technically. I think it’s a load, but people will flock because it’s different.

  • boink

    I saw his earlier videos- when he was first introducing Black Spark- and one can tell he’s experimenting with the delivery of his “art.” They were pretty raunchy and amateurish, as he was barebacking with everyone and there was lots of cum eating. I really wonder how all the performers met each other and how they go about with the raw sex so casually. Though I like it, this gives them a grimy aspect. Are they sex-addicts, friends, or hot guys who just found each other online or wherever? I find the whole process more intriguing than the finalized product, which (to me) is starting to get kind of old. I’d like to know more about that without getting a cheesy, art-related answer. I mean, at this point, we do know that the main guy was in porn and probably has access to that scene and all the groupies that dwell in it. The things a guy can do when he’s hot enough…so lucky(not the barebacking, though).

  • peter

    for a guy who claims to be a bi sex addict there sure is a lot of dick and no pussy.

  • peter

    i think this is porn masquerading as art. but that’s okay.

    what really struck a chord with me was when he said that he made films:

    “the people who are like me out there. I felt like there was an itch that wasn’t being scratched, that there were people who needed satisfaction and they weren’t going to get it from porn. They needed something with a little bit more substance, something a little different . . .I figured if I feel this way, there have to be other people who feel that way, too.”

    in other words he’s as bored off his ass with sean cody, corbin fisher, etc as i am, lol!

    have to admit not crazy about the bb. sends the wrong message to guys who have no idea. i do safe-sex outreach work and have talked to enough guys who survived the plague and are on nasty antiretrovirals for the rest of their lives. ain’t ever gonna be me.

    the principal black spark is the bi wrestler self-described nymphomaniac dude from college dudes: the moles around his nipples and on his inner thigh all match. don’t know if he’s the actual film maker.

  • phil

    have you given up on the mat? u could be in london in 2012. ur that good. eyes on the prize bro!

  • steve

    in an interview on swish edition the other day, ‘black spark’ said:

    “I think a lot of people are closed off emotionally and sexually and I’m not as you can see . . . people lie to themselves, lie to their friends . . .lie in general about who they are . . . I’m just not ashamed of that part of me.”

    No, he’s not ashamed. Rather, he leads a double life: he’s a college jock with a girl-friend in M______, drives down to Chicago, puts on a mask, and gets fucked raw in alleys and video parlors, and has an attack of amnesia once he crosses the state line again. As that famous Stonewall drag queen yelled “SMELL HER!”

  • Josh Sparx

    I would absolutely love these videos if they weren’t promoting unprotected high risk sex. After all the deaths, and the lives ravaged by HIV/AIDS, why is this self-loathing disinterest in having fun safely still being promoted? A latex condom is NOT the end of the world, and these young guys contracting HIV is not an idea I relish. Certainly a video called “Toxic” that shows close-ups of an unprotected dick going into another man’s ass is highly questionable. Sex shouldn’t be “toxic”, it should be safe and fun.

  • MJ

    @steve: how the hell do you know this?

  • DeathPhoenix

    He did porn for under the name Josh Spark.

  • DeathPhoenix

    Josh Stark not Josh Spark, sorry

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