Who Really Thinks Alejandro Is Calling Jackie Hoffman’s Name?

Every time I say to myself “Enough with the Lady Gaga parodies,” out pops another one. That I end up liking! So here’s the hilarious Jackie Hoffman, currently starring in Broadway’s The Addams Family, with a few hottie back up dancers from the theater (Nick Adams, David Hull, Michael Mindlin, Brian Patrick Murphy, Constantine Rousouli, Brian Spitulnik), because that’s how The Gaga does it.

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  • Pip

    I honestly hate these YouTube videos. I’m sorry, but rewriting the lyrics to a popular song isn’t inherently funny/witty. Seriously, go do something else.


    @Pip: Well people ARE allowed a spot of fun. Are they not?

  • L.

    OK so sue me or thumb me, but I like this far better than the original. True, parodies are a dime a dozen and bad ones are even cheaper, but this one is the cat’s pajamas. My first guffaw of the day – thanks!

  • Stephen

    those guys were hotter than the original….*drools*

  • Chris H.

    I honestly wish that in the original they used more attractive guys. Hell the guys in the original were attractive, but they dressed them so ugly and made them wear horrid clothes.

  • Bill

    The men in both the original and this parody are very attractive. You guys need to rid yourself of your pretensions and appreciate the male body. Not all men have the faces of models yet they are still very beautiful.

  • Moo

    Bill, you win. <3

  • samthor

    who would be be making video parodies OF? if not for lady gaga?

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