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  • fredo777

    i used to think Tebow was cute, too.

  • Jeff R

    Scott Fujita is also cute, and way more a friend of the family. Get a new poster for your wall.

  • Same Crap

    God. They are really setting up that boy for a huuuge fall. Eh, whatever. Tebow’s a willing participant and probably is starting to believe in his own hype.

  • Blake

    I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  • Alan

    Pastor Rick Warren must be jealous.

  • Brian

    Does anyone know if the Right Reverend Gene Robinson was in attendance?

  • Jeff R

    No he wasn’t; in fact, he helped to organize a rival event called the American Prayer Hour that took place today in several cities.

  • Marc

    Focus On The Family is a villain. But, I do not think gay rights should be linked to the abortion issue. And, no the privacy argument on abortion does not make the link.

  • Jeff R

    Well, I hardly think Focus on the Family is going to segregate the money it raises as a result of this ad, and refrain from using it to attack gay people.

  • Mike

    Tim Tebow. God, what a fugly inbred moron.

  • jason

    Obama is a very manipulative man. He associates with homophobes when it suits him. He measures his target audience and delivers accordingly. He’s a very cynical, manipulative man.

  • InExile

    You ARE the company you keep.

  • ksu499

    So what? Being opposed to abortion does not make him anti-gay. Don’t try to tie support for gay equal rights to the abortion issue. They don’t have a relationship.

  • bbnicker

    focus on the family is anti-gay thats enough to queston ms. obama inclusion on tebow. if she were a real sister she’d be cooler than this.

  • Marc

    @Jeff R:

    and??? let these people speak their mind. its no skin of your back or mine. freedom of speech means freedom of speech.

    if anything happens with DADT, it will be because polls show that even 56% of Republicans support lifting the ban. all of this in spite of focus on the family or any other conservative group.

    the polls have changed not because people have changed their positions on abortion, most Americans are moderately to the right on abortion. the polls have changed because after 9/11 in particular Americans understand more what thaey have in common with any patriotic young person who would volunteer to put his life in harms way for his country.

    let this be a teachable moment, hating christians will get gay people nowhere. being gay does not automatically enlist you in legions of satan to oppose all things “moral”.

    gay people singling out white conservative christians just because they single out us has not helped us win one political battle for full human rights.

    mostly because because homphobia is not limited to white christians, christians or even religious people. homophobia appears across most religions, races, and cultures. The secular state of soviet russia persecuted homosexuals and the secular state of communist cuba still does.

    what will gain ground for us is not exchanging hate for hate, bigorty for bigotry.

    the political stratgey of gay people should be to make the case for what we have in common as citizens, moral beings, coworkers, family members etc, etc. sometimes, this will be a diplomatic case. sometimes, it will involve civil confrontation.

    but, it should never involve replicating the bigotry and attempted censorship that does not give dignity or success to those who hate us and will give no more or even less to gay people, as well.

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