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Why Can’t America Remind Us About Daylight Savings Time Like This?!

As some countries get ready to change turn their clocks back one hour, the Brits are treated to a sexed up reminder from EastEnders star Robert Kazinsky. Sure, it’s also a commercial for bubble bath maker Radox, but what better way to remember that you’ve got an extra hour all to yourself than watching a man undress for your pleasure?

(Thanks, Stephen!)

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  • Luc

    Whoa… thanks Queerty for a real Morning Goods. He is HOT!!

  • Michael vdB

    A company actually sponsers this event? Hell…who cares when they made a commercial like that! ;)

  • naprem

    I don’t think anybody actually sponsors it. They’re just using the claim that they do as a marketing tol.

    Also, he has weird nipples.

  • Mike L.

    I was wondering about the niples too!

    They’re like flacid, lol.

    They should have had the studio cold so they’d perk up. lol.

    And does that mean that this weekend it’s daylights savings time in the U.S. too or just there first or….im confused, lol.

  • Thom

    hot but weird nips

  • dgz

    i think those might be “inverted nipples,” but i’m not 100% sure…

  • luke

    his nipples are weird. but he’s super hot. and i have a body similar to his, so unlike most morning goods guys, i don’t feel ashamed of my body now.

  • benlayvey

    Whoa! Its sunken nips! LoL

  • Mark in Noosa

    I volunteer to try to un-invert his nips – sexy man!

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