Why Conservatives Should Shut Up And Accept Marriage Equality

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.48.30 AMHere’s one advantage to federally recognized marriage equality even the staunchest conservative should be able to get behind: an end to government spending on obstructing the arc of the moral universe.

And we’re not talking chump change. In just one case, The Detroit Press reports the sate of Michigan has essentially lit $2 million in taxpayer cheddar on fire in its fruitless quest to prevent April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse and any couple like them (you know, gay ones) from getting married or adopting children. And that’s not even including what it cost them to argue against the plaintiffs.

DeBoer and Rowse’s lawyers are asking a judge to require the state to cough up for the six lawyers, plus seven law clerks, multiple paralegals and experts from Boston, New York, San Francisco and Lansing it took to win the case, which dragged on for three years.

The suit was even presented as part of the argument against state bans on same-marriage in the Supreme Court case. Good going, Michigan.

“This says we are people. We are establishing families and we’re just like everyone else,” Rowse said of the SCOTUS decision, according to MLive. “We’re the next door neighbor, we’re your co-worker, we’re your sister, we’re your friend, we’re your child, and we do deserve the same rights as everyone else and our kids deserve the same rights. We’re starting to see the discrimination just shouldn’t be there.”

In January, The Detroit Press reported that Michigan faced a mid-year deficit of $325 million.

How many other pointless and costly battles have they been fighting?

h/t RawStory


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