Why Didn’t Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Sign Anti-Westboro Amicus Brief?

Because Kenny boy hates him some fags just like Westboro, that’s why! The state attorneys general for almost every state and Washington D.C. filed an amicus brief supporting Albert Snyder in his Supreme Court lawsuit against the Westboro Baptist Church, which protested the military burial of Albert’s son Cpl. Matthew Snyder, a move that coincides with even Bill O’Reilly’s rational thinking. But missing from the list are Maine’s AG Janet Mills and Virginia’s Kenneth Cuccinelli.

Mills’ office says she didn’t join the Snyder v. Phelps brief because she regularly avoids taking sides in civil cases. And while Cuccinelli’s office has some statement about how existing laws are good enough to punish unruly protesters exploiting the First Amendment, let’s remind ourselves what kind of person Cuccinelli is.

Westboro Baptist Church, led by Fred Phelps, is regularly on the scene at military funerals and, ahem, proms. Their “faggot” signs are iconic. And we wouldn’t be surprised to see Mr. Cuccinelli waving one around. After all, this man believes “homosexual acts are wrong.” And: “They’re intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law based country it’s appropriate to have policies that reflect that.”

That’s why he refused to support anti-discrimination measures based on sexuality. And it fits completely with Westboro’s mentality about not wanting to be punished for saying the wrong thing. Which is a reasonable request, under the First Amendment. But that’s not what’s being asked of Cuccinelli. And it’s not earning him friends at home.

State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s decision not to get involved in a legal battle between the family of a deceased Marine and a controversial, fundamentalist church is inexcusable, according to Del. Ward Armstrong. Armstrong, D-Collinsville and House minority leader, said Wednesday that he does not know what Cuccinelli’s motives were, and he does not care. He said that Cuccinelli’s decision amounted to “not sticking up for” families that have tragically lost members, and that is “just beyond me.” “It is inexcusable to stand by and call something vile and not (try to) do something about it,” Armstrong added.

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    It makes my freaking day when a rightwing scumbag cowtows so damm low to cater to the right wing lunatics that they do not even stop to think about the reprecussions of their actions! These vile hatefilled band of inbred scumbags have been picketing at soldiers funerals shouting at family members how their loved ones “deserved” to die and will “burn in hell”……Virginia ranks #7 in total number of military recruits in the United States……

    Cuccinelli (Italian slang “Cucch” not exactaly sure of spelling means idiot or dim witted, fitting) backs those vile scumbags protesting at military funerals??? Think by his disgusting, vile hatefilled act he began preparations for his own political funeral……………

  • ksu499

    I’m afraid I have to agree with Cuccinelli on this one, even though I despise the guy. It is a First Amendment issue, and I wonder how many people who are criticizing Cuccinelli for not joining the case would be criticizing him if the issue were the Phelps’ church’s picketing of the funerals of gay people. It’s because the church is picketing the funerals of veterans that this has become an issue. If it were your funeral or mine being picketed, these politicians wouldn’t be saying a word. You either have the right to picket funerals or you don’t. It’s not dependent upon whose funeral it is.

  • Cam


    They weren’t just picketing, the case is based on the “Intentional infliction of emotional distress”. They were screaming out to the grieving parents that their son was burning in hell etc…


    @ksu499: Where have you been? These vile inbred savage scumbags started picketing at Gays years ago. They have hounded Matt Shepards Parents since he was crucified on that fence. Almost every “adult” in that vile tribe is an attorney. They have filed dozens of actions in order to inflict as much emotional damage to any family of any Gay they can. Including demanding the right to errect a “Matt Sheppard in hell” statue in the famlies hometown………….

    Armstrongs argument is sound and logical. Everyone is entitled to free speech, such as when these scumbags picket at a school or church. However there is a point of going over the limits where your actions can cause harm towards others. Like when you yell falsly yell “fire” in a crowded theatre. Such actions can cause harm to others as a result of your speech. Calling out the vile epithats they scream at vetrans funerals causes emotional harm to the grieving famlies. The logic is somewhat coloring outside the lines, yet it still stays on the page of the book. And therefore can be argued and won. I agree it sucks no one gave a shit about the funerals for Gay persons famlies tortured by these lunatics. It wasn’t until they began targeting the military funerals that action was taken. However the ban on picketing funereals will apply to all funerals will prevent these scumbags from tossing their vile hate towards any grieving famlies………..

  • GG

    It’s all well and good to vilify Cuccinelli, but the excuse of Maine’s AG is pretty much bullshit as well. Does she claim to be the only Attorney General IN THE ENTIRE USA who doesn’t “take sides in civil cases”? I’m much more furious that someone from Maine refuses to sign the brief than someone from Virginia, where that’s no more than I’d expect.

  • B

    No. 3 · Cam wrote, “@ksu499: They weren’t just picketing, the case is based on the ‘Intentional infliction of emotional distress’. They were screaming out to the grieving parents that their son was burning in hell etc…”

    With a lot of them being trained as attorneys, they are very good at staying 1 mm on the “legal” side of the relevant statutes. So,
    they will stay at the legally required minimum distance from the funerals (or further). Of course, the press covers them because of their outrageous behavior, so the families had it shoved in their faces anyway.

    It’s tricky. Everyone would like to tell them off, but it you end up creating something that is newsworthy, they can take advantage of it.

  • the crustybastard

    This does invite the question: why does Kansas keep granting these Phelps assholes licenses to practice (and make a mockery of) the law?

  • Mark E. Gillar

    Shirley Phelps-Roper will be on my radio show Saturday, August 14th at 10:00 AM central time. She has agreed to accept questions from listners. If you wish to ask her a question, please call 646-727-3170. You may listen to the show by going to markgillar (dot) com and clicking on the appropriate program icon. Please keep your comments and questions civil, even though the WBC hardley pays Jews, Catholics, and Gays the same respect as evidenced by the signs in this pic.


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