Why Do Ann Arbor’s Gays Want to Sink a Lesbian Mayoral Candidate?

The mayoral race in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has two LGBT groups backing a straight incumbent over his lesbian opponent. How dare they!

Both the Michigan Democratic Party’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Allies Caucus and something called Lesbians Opposing Lesko are backing hetero John Hieftje over lesbian challenger Patricia Lesko. Why? According to — ahem — LOL, Lesko viciously attacks people who piss her off by running over their cats and slashing their tires. OK! But how about her actual policies?

Lesko’s critics call her divisive and deceitful, pointing to several months worth of inaccurate claims she made against the mayor and city officials under the pseudonym “Sam Rosenthal” on her blog A2Politico.com.

If elected, Lesko would be Michigan’s second openly gay mayor and one of only 21 openly nationwide. But LOL says that’s no reason to vote for her: “There are a certain number of lesbians who will vote for another lesbian over a straight candidate because they make an assumption that someone with whom they have something in common will share their political views. It’s not necessarily true, sometimes it’s just the opposite.”

Worth noting: While Lesko is attacked for anonymously posting comments to her own blog under a pseduonym, the founders of LOL are posting on their blog … anonymously, as “Founder #1” and “Founder #2.”

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