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Why Golinksi’s OPM Lawsuit Is Not the Perry-Sized DOMA Challenge We Want to See


Making good on a promise to sue the federal government after OPM denied benefits to federal court staff attorney Karen Golinski’s lesbian partner, Lambda Legal has formally filed suit against the Obama administration. Yahoo! Except:

This really isn’t a Defense of Marriage Act case: Golinski v. Office of Personnel Management — which was filed filed in San Francisco’s 9th Circuit, where Golsinki works, and the same place that’s currently hearing Perry v. Schwarzenegger — is foremost an attempt to get the federal government to “[enforce] Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski’s administrative order that Golinski be allowed to add her wife to her family health insurance plan,” relays Chris Geidner. “The lawsuit does not allege that DOMA is unconstitutional. In fact, it doesn’t even raise the issue of DOMA’s constitutionality.”

Bummer. ‘Cause those liberal Ninth Circuit judges love themselves some gays.