Why Is Air New Zealand Going Naked, Literally, In Its Ads?

Delta charges you $15 to check a single bag (and up to $200 for a fourth, though it doesn’t even list that fee on its website). American, Continental, and even JetBlue are adding nickel and dime charges. But Air New Zealand insists it’s different — and its new “Nothing to Hide” ad isn’t just an affront on hidden fees, but a sexed up campaign that features Air New Zealand employees wearing nothing but body paint. (CEO Rob Fyfe is supposedly among them.) And it gets better …

… if you’re flying from Los Angeles to Auckland. A singles-only Matchmaking flight encourages offers passengers a pre- and post-flight gate party, plus drinks and games at 30,000 feet. Want to start mingling before the flight? Log on to and upload your profile now.

Indeed, a creative way to get Americans traveling to New Zealand even in these tough economic times. And hopefully, some gay romance along the way.

Here’s the making-of video: