Why Is Cindy McCain Communicating With Her Husband Through The NOH8 Campaign? (Update: Cindy Now Supports DADT)

“Our political and religious leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future. They can’t serve our country openly,” says Cindy McCain in a new NOH8 anti-bullying PSA. “Our government treats the LGBT community like second-class citizens.” It’s like, lady, don’t you know your husband John’s phone number? Update: Unbelievably, Cindy now says she supports John’s stance on DADT.

Just a day after repeating her pro-equality views in a NOH8 video, specifically denouncing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (“Our government treats the LGBT community like second-class citizens … They can’t serve our country openlyThey can’t serve our country openly,” she says in the video, criticizing the policy), Cindy tweets, “I fully support the NOH8 campaign and all it stands for and am proud to be a part of it. But I stand by my husband’s stance on DADT.” The sudden about-face clearly indicates McCain’s camp was not — full stop — happy about her criticizing the position that’s now her lawmaking husband’s most publicized.

And there goes any trust the gay community had in Cindy McCain as an advocate. That she can so suddenly change her mind, in less than 140 characters, and cave to political pressure shows she is not the maverick we thought her to be.

Will daughter Meghan start smudging the NOH8 make-up off her face next?

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  • gregger

    To answer your headline, because John McCain is an intentionally ignorant asshole.

  • Kamikapse

    Why do Queerty have to be such assholes all the time?

    Looks, it’s great that she’s willing to be so open about her differing opinion.
    She could just as well shut up, so she won’t affect her husband’s political career.

    She deserves respect for doing this.

  • Jay Kay

    I’m not understanding the blatant negativity that permeates throughout this site. It seems that the only thing that these bloggers can be happy about is their “Morning Goods” section. Everything is subject to jaded and harsh criticism.

    Is it productive? Is it thought-provoking? Does it help any of us to see these messages, with their good intentions, though the eyes of cynics who have been beaten down by their nasty outlook on the world?

    I would suggest no. And I hope that in the future these bloggers would consider the fact that we can’t do this by ourselves. We need the help of ALL those who mean well, and not criticize those who actually act on their good intentions.

  • Cam

    She can say whatever she wants, her money bought John’s first house seat and paid for much of his 2000 presidential run, her family connections provides him with his donor base.

    If she dumped him, he would be broke so he isn’t going to say a word to her about this.

  • reason

    John’s political career is no longer at risk, he already won another 6 year term. John is bitter, just like Lieberman. They were both rejected by voters, and will go out of their way to punish them. Lieberman went back on his own ideas because progressives agree with it, John goes against his because moderates that didn’t vote for him agree with it. They are both self serving scumbags, they don’t do anything for the country it is all about them. Cindy is just making noise so it is not so uncomfortable around the help. Why doesn’t she take that energy and admit that John has another daughter rather then icing her out of the families life.

  • notsurprised

    this is a gay (and I say gay, because frankly, i doubt lesbians or bisexual or transgender readers feel welcome) TABLOID.

    i dont expect serious news from this site, or the bloggers to be anything resembling respectful- I’m in it for the pictures.

  • Miss Understood

    This is propaganda to make you think Republicans care about your issue. It is only non-office holding Republicans (Cindy and Meghan McCain, Laura Bush) that seem to have these nice things to say. Yet they still support office holding Republicans who are actively taking our rights away.

    I’s Cindy’s money which put her husband into office. Her money is fighting to support DOMA and Don’t ask Don’t Tell. So what good are some nice words if she can’t back them up?

    If you are gay and you are supporting the Republican party you might as well be putting a gun to your head.

  • gina

    While I appreciate Dave Navarro’s participation, the stat about suicide he quoted is incorrect… it should stated more than 1/2 of all transgender youth and 1/3 of G & L youth have attempted suicide.

  • Dollie

    @Miss Understood: Hear, hear!!
    Though I do not feel this particular clip is republican propaganda, with the exception of McCain’s lines.

    Gene Simmons, Slash, and Navarro? Did not expect that! Very cool!

  • Fitz

    It must be awful to so strongly disagree about something with someone that you otherwise are committed to. I know that my strong opinions about certain topics (related to our work) is really hard for my husband to hear… so I don’t talk about them in front of him unless I have to. He is a wonderful man, a hard worker, and a very bright boy… but he is so dead-wrong on these 2 or 3 issues. So, all I am saying is that this is one of those hard “relationship” questions which none of us can answer for her. I give them credit for disagreeing instead of doing like most people and pretending that marriage = no dissenting opinion.

  • Thom

    @Kamikapse: agreed, I think it takes a lot of courage to voice her opinion like this when she doesn’t have anything to gain from it.

  • libhomo

    @gregger: I wonder if she is planning on dumping her kept man now that she knows he will never by President.

  • reason

    @Thom: She has cocktail parties to gain. John has ditched her in retirement and is busy living the high life with his buddies in the Senate. His mouth is severely effecting her ability to party, so she is trying to put some distance between it.

  • Miss Understood

    @Fitz: What good is her opinion if she doesn’t act on it? She puts anti-gay politicians into office. Kind words mean nothing if she’s actively supporting a political machine which is taking away our rights.

  • alan brickman

    It’s just to confuse the Gays that Republicans care…..they don’t care anymore than Obama does..

  • gregger

    Most celebs and most politicos have assistants do their tweets. I mean can you believe that someone who did the video above would seriously tweet horse shit like Cindy McCain is supposed to have done? She’s done the No H8 photo shoots and now the No H8 video. Her actions speak louder than that jackassed tweet.

  • Miss Understood

    @gregger: Her “actions” which really matter: funding political campaigns which put anti-gay politicians into office. A few nice words in a PSA do NOT make up for putting her money and her votes against us.

  • josh

    Cindy McCain is a fraud just like Meghan is.

    Cindy says she is for gay rights until John tells her that she isn’t.

    Meghan attacks Obama but defends her dad even though her dad is against way more gay rights issues than Obama is.

    Meghan and Cindy are cowards who have no integrity.

    If they were brave and principled they would speak out against John McCain and his homophobic policy views.

  • Cam

    All of the people going “Gee, why so negative?” Give me a rest. I love how if somebody is racist nobody would excuse a spouse supporting that position, but as long as they only hate gays, then gee, it’s ok that she supports her husbands position.

    Bigotry is bigotry. She has allowed her family money to buy him seats in Congress, then the Senate, used her connections to ensure that her husband never has to work a real job while he lived 2000 miles away from her and the family doing whatever he wanted in Washington. Why would anybody be shocked that she would go back to being a stepford wife as soon as his office staff gave her a call?

  • robert in nyc

    Now lets see if she reverses her support for same-sex marriage to stand by her husband. He’s already fiercely opposed to it. What an asshole she is! The woman has no scruples. Never trust a republican. At least some democrats who opposed marriage equality have reversed and not gone back on their word. I’ve yet to hear one key republican supporting it, but don’t hold your breath on that one. Not going to happen. They’ve never championed any equality for LGBT people and never will. Those LGBT people who vote for them obviously don’t give a damn and equality isn’t high on their agenda. Why vote for a party that doesn’t want us to have any equality is absolutely appalling. They vote against the majority of us when they vote them into power, a party that is responsible for much of the hatred, intolerance, dehumanization and denigration of gay people some of which has led to bullying and teen suicides. Pretty sick if you ask me. Has anyone ever wondered why it is that closet cases who vote for discrimination (Ken Mehlman being the latest casualty) are mostly all found in their party and very few in the Democratic party.

  • Hilarious

    @Cam: “All of the people going “Gee, why so negative?” Give me a rest. I love how if somebody is racist nobody would excuse a spouse supporting that position…”

    Is this going to be a thing with you? Pretending racism doesn’t exist won’t get your point across. It just makes you sound stupid and self-centered.

    Racism is excused everyday. If people bring it up they’re “playing the race card” or “seeing what they want to see”.

    Get real.

  • Mike Oliver

    But, but….., I bet Obama is more homophobic than those people, right? I mean, how come..Ahem,how come he still hasn’t been able to convince two Rethug senators to cross the isle and join the Dems and vote YES to repeal DADT huh?. Obama is a serious homophobe, I’d rather stick with the lovely pro gay McCains and Repubs anyday!

  • Bryan

    I’m NOT surprised. I KNEW this was coming; I could see
    it from a mile away.

    How on earth is it that a large majority of you gays
    will cheer on this blond bimbo-or her daughter Meghan, or any republican for that matter-and expect to get anywhere?
    These people are fraudulent, fickle and faithful.

    Newsflash: They DO NOT CARE. At all.

    Only with truly transparent and social-progressive democrats
    are we going to get anywhere. Anything else is just a
    waste of time. Politics is a game, not a values score card.
    If you don’t play right, your going to get screwed over.

  • hf2hvit

    It was also truthfully said about SMEG Whitman: WHORE!!!

  • Thom


    never mind she is two-faced

    screw her

  • Cam

    @Hilarious: said..

    Is this going to be a thing with you? Pretending racism doesn’t exist won’t get your point across. It just makes you sound stupid and self-centered.”

    Try rereading. My comment was that people keep trying to defend Cindy by saying “Well she is supporting her husband, and thats understandable etc…”

    My comment wasn’t saying that there isn’t racism, my comment was saying that it is stupid to excuse her recent comments because of her husbands opinion, and that people wouldn’t be doing that if he had said blacks shouldn’t marry etc…

    I was pointing out that bigotry is bigotry and her supporting her husband was no excuse. Next time read a bit closer before you decide to jump all over somebody.

  • GregorVonK

    Well, actually, there are racists in every family, and to some extent, their family members put up with that. That’s the old Archie Bunker syndrome. Now of course, you can love and perhaps (in some ways) respect someone who is just plain horrible on certain issues. But you still owe it to yourself and the world at large to very clear that your family member’s biases are NOT yours and are, quite frankly, a source of family shame.

    And you can’t waffle. If Cindy did write that tweet, she owes the world an explanation for her fickleness.

  • Danny

    Awkward when your spouse is violating the human rights of more than 100 million+ gay and straight family members in America. Must be wierd when your spouse is harming the family of more than 1 out of every 3 people you meet.

  • Kieran

    Cindy Macain says she “fully supports the NOH8 campaign and all it stands for and am proud to be a part of it” Then she says she stands by her husband’s position of requiring gay soldiers to hide their sexual orientation. To quote Sitting Bull, “Paleface speak with forked tongue”.

  • Brian Miller

    This is to be expected. Of course, there are a bunch of Democrats who have essentially done the same thing… but that’s “unfair” to point out, I guess.

    Politicians are duplicitous liars. If John McCain had to divorce Cindy and french kiss Dick Cheney in a gay wedding ceremony in front of the Capitol reflecting pool while wearing a bright pink gown to get re-elected, he would. Log Cabin and GOProud would proclaim that “they always knew McCain was one of us,” and would celebrate the moment.

    If Barack Obama had to execute gay men on national television with a shot in the back of the head to get re-elected, he would. And HRC and gay Democrats would claim it shows his “humanity and pro-gay nature” by “giving them a quick painless death,” would claim that he didn’t want to do it but the Republicans forced him to, and would demand that gay people “stop expecting the White House to move so fast” in ending the executions.

  • Jim in St Louis


    Your racist hate speech offends me and all native americans. I demand you apologize.

  • tallskin2

    @Jim in St Louis.

    Are you on drugs, mate?

  • ewe

    John McCain is a liar and does not seem fit to represent Arizona.

  • shelleybear

    Don’t take endorsements from drug addicts.

  • jason

    I am sick of these celebrities jumping on the bully bandwagon. They’re doing it to increase their profile and not because they genuinely believe in us. Sick, sick, sick…they’re exploiting us.

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