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Why Is HRC Wasting Time On NOM When The Real Target Should Be Their Democratic BFFs?

Hello? Planet Queer to Joe and Rick, you’re missing the real target: the Democrats. Real homosexual leadership would see HRC and CC created the DNC Exposed web site, examining how we’re more being screwed than helped by our friends the Democrats. If HRC and CC were worth more than a warm spittoon of gob, they would now be launching an assault on the political party that really owes us fags a few long-overdue favors. But good Democratic homosexuals Joe and Rick are not about to upset their access to the DNC leadership. Joe and HRC continue to endow the Democrats with millions of gay dollars. HRC executives would rather eat razor blades than stand up to the DNC. … NOM Exposed? We need DNC Exposed.

—Michael Petrelis, who’s not too impressed with HRC’s new website [via]

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  • randy

    Totally agree with Petralis. When I saw this new project from HRC, my first thought was WTF? We just had an epic failure on DADT, and they are doing a website?

    I mean, in normal times, that would be fine. (Although couldn’t they have thought of this during the summer when NOM had its bus tour?)

    But when there is zero movement on DADT and ENDA or the repeal of DOMA, they should be focusing on those actions.

    It’s obvious to me that this website is just a bit of red meat to its membership — “See how active we are! We can do research! We expose hypocrites!”

    For gods sakes, get off your asses and get some real results!

  • Brutus

    You still haven’t convinced me *why* we should help the Republicans by cutting the Democrats’ legs out from under them.

  • Hypocrites (John from England)


    I agree Brutus…..Queerty?

    So if we go after the Democrats, who will pass any equality laws in congress?

    Or am I being stupid?

  • Markie-Mark

    Yes, the HRC seems to be engaged in some sort of sick sockpuppet performance which is intended to distract lgbt from the failures of the Democratic Party and President Obama.

  • Markie-Mark

    @Hypocrites (John from England): Well, to be honest, you are being a bit dense. But it’s ok because you can do what you think is best. We can’t all agree on everything. But we can be civil to each other.

  • Markie-Mark

    @Hypocrites (John from England): One more thing – I feel compelled to tell you that I have never voted for a Republican in my life and I do not intend to start. I’m a Green. The Green Party has marriage equality in their platform.

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