Why Is One of America’s Richest Women Backing a Bigot for Virgina Governor?


Remember when Obama got all up in the faces of black America and told ’em how The Gays are still being persecuted too? One of the most prominent black women in the country didn’t get the message — and is endorsing a bigot for governor of Virginia.

Having founded BET and sold it for a shit ton of cash, Sheila Johnson is rich beyond belief. Billionaire rich. And what’s she doing with her power and influence? Backing Bob McDonnell for Virginia’s CEO.

Johnson likes him because of his fiscal savvy.

You’ll hate him because he’s staunchly opposed to marriage equality and, notes Rod 2.0, tried to block the reappointment of a judge not because she was gay, but because she violated Virginia’s anti-sodomy law. Because there’s a difference.


So much for one community joining hands with another. What’s next, the National Organization for Women backing anti-gay marriage Meg Whitman for governor of California?