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Why Isn’t Ellen DeGeneres Turning Straight Like Lou Engle Asked?

At last month’s Winter Ramp spirit fest event in Tennessee, Pastor Lou Engle — who has so much spirit in him he can bend the ear of Republicans and call for Uganda’s gays to be removed — prayed with his congregation to banish gay marriage, and for the “mighty conversion” of Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen DeGeneres, meanwhile, was at home praying Anderson Cooper won’t steal her audience. [via Right Wing Watch]

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  • just sayin

    hey, where’s all the comments that Lou Engle is so horrible that he must be gay? you folks are slowing down.

  • Thomas Marx

    Lou Engle isn’t horrible. He’s just dumb. Why would any god give a shit who has sex with who? If God was all “that’s so gay”, why would he have allowed the possibility of gay in the first place? Lou Engle isn’t gay. He’s just stupid. And we should have compassion for stupid people. It’s the right thing to do.

  • Nathan

    Queerty, why are you giving publicity and in effect a forum to this bozo Engle? “Some bigot says something ignorant” isn’t news to most of us, especially when the bigot in question is as irrelevant as Lou Engle.

  • gregger

    @just sayin: Are you one of the “alleged Republican/Right Wing/Christian paid commenters?” Not every phobe is a closet case. Not every LGBT person is smart.

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