Why Taylor Lautner’s Coming-Out Issue Of People Is Obviously Fake

We know some of you would view Taylor Lautner coming out in the January 7 issue of People magazine as a belated Christmas present, but the reality is the widely-circulated cover pictured above is a fraud.

Sorry, take a moment to steady yourself if you need.

Okay, so some of you may ask (weeping into your pillow) how do we know it a fake? There are several key reasons:

1. A People magazine rep said so—calling the cover “absolutely fake,” according to Gossip Cop. Usually if something like this has been leaked, they’d come back with a “no comment” or “we don’t discuss upcoming cover stories.”

2. People would never go with an subtle headline like “Out and Proud” They are the king of the 20-point, gigantic I’M GAY headline.

3. As points out, the sidebar on the cover is from a 2006 issue of People. Carnie Wilson hasn’t looked that good in years. Trust us.

4. Lautner has been romantically linked—in magazines like People, at least—with Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. If he comes out now, then both starlets would look like they were in on the sham. Which would, of course, bring their other relationships into question. Not that we don’t think Justelena is totally the real deal.

5. No young American actor has ever come out of the closet while still part of a hugely successful movie franchise—especially with a promising solo career on the horizon. (Abduction was a sleeper hit, nabbing $80.2 million worldwide. That’s before the DVD release in January.) And with Breaking Dawn, Part II not hitting theaters till November 2012, we’re pretty sure the studio would move Heaven and Earth to keep Lautner from doing anything that might derail the gravy train.

Not that we’re suggesting he actually is gay, of course.

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  • Sean

    Ricky Martin Part . He’ll wait 5 years when his acting career is dead. He’d make a hot gay power-couple with Zac Efron though

  • Jess

    People “out” parades are tragic and desperate at best, generally when careers are tanking or the ‘star’ is a media whore, one or the other.

  • Jere

    What about Zachery Quinto? Does STAR TREK not count as a “hugely successful movie franchise” yet?

  • Kieran

    I don’t know why any young male heartthrob would be afraid to come out as gay. Didn’t they get the memo declaring Homophobia officially dead and buried? Homophobia doesn’t exist anymore and coming out as gay would have absolutely no affect on Taylor Lautner’s career or popularity with young girls. And oh yeah, it don’t rain in Indiana in the summertime.

  • Lance

    @Kieran: “Homophobia doesn’t exist anymore”.

    Hah… hah.

  • jj

    I wish people would just leave this kid alone.

  • jason

    This cover was probably made by a gay male twink or a stupid female who thinks she’s being cool. In actual fact, it’s quite homophobic.

  • geoff

    @Kieran: Tell it to Willard Romney, Nert Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachman, and the MILLIONS of people who have or will vote for them. Not to mention the Catholic and Morman ‘churches” – sorry, dude, wish that were true but it ain’t necessarily so.

  • James

    leave the kid alone!

  • heydrichmuller

    @jj: @James: Hear, Hear!

  • hassenpepper

    Lautner is soo gay

  • ChrisC

    @geoff: You must not get sarcasim.

  • geoff

    @ChrisC: normally my raison d’etre – missed it here – big red face

  • Zack

    Gays love draging people out of the closet, only the good looking ones. Leave the guy alone. He’s never going to date you anyway.

  • Mangina

    Must be slow news day.

  • Yep

    An actors personal life and especially his or her orientation is none of our business unless the actor chooses himself to make it our business.

  • Kyle

    I hate this homophobic piece of trash. Don’t see his movies. He’ll be coming out in three years rather than five when his career is over.

  • Tony

    Yeah but he IS gay….and it would help so many LGBT kids and save many lives if he did come out.

  • Red Meat

    It’s their if he comes out ready-to-print cover.

  • seaguy

    Who cares if he is gay or not? I personally don’t think he is, but I think he is effin hot. But all this speculation and gossiping really makes the gay community look like we are a bunch of gossips who recruit like the right wing claims we do.

  • JoeyO'H

    My concern is not with Lautner, he’s a Hollywood guy, this comes with the territory. What about the young men and women considering coming out? Will something like this push them back in the closet?

  • Matt

    @seaguy: LMAO!!!

    You are a liar or straight.

  • Gigi

    @Lance: He was being ironic. Guess it was too subtle for you.

  • Gigi

    @seaguy: Who cares what “they” think of us? Are we now supposed to second-guess everything that we do or say and ask ourselves “What would Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann think?” I’d rather keep living my life and hope for the best.

  • Kyle

    If he were regular Taylor Lautner, he’d be closeted, but hooking up with guys from his gym.

  • B

    No. 22 · Matt wrote, “@seaguy: LMAO!!! You are a liar or straight.” Hey, I don’t care if he’s gay either. It is not like he lives next door or something.

    Why would you care about him if you lived in the area I do and could care about these guys, who are infinitely more accessible – ?

  • dancinghomos

    his face is not attractive. ewwwww

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