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Why Won’t You Love Fergie As Much as Lady Gaga?


Fergie is trying really, really hard to play up the gay thing. Rather than let the gossips focus in on allegations her husband Josh Duhamel is a sleaze, the Black Eye Peas singer wants everyone talking about her sexuality.

She’s been openly bi for years, Fergie claims (while simultaneously commenting on Duhamel’s endowment), which, like Gossip Girl‘s lame threeway scene, is an easy opportunity to drum up press. But swinging both ways isn’t where Fergie draws the line: She also wants the homos to love the Peas.

“People don’t associate the Black Eyed Peas with the gay market, but our new record is a huge dance record, so people are starting to catch on,” she says. “I want more gay love! They’re completely gay-friendly.”

If you build it, we will come, Ferg. And by the looks of things, you already have: “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Gotta Feeling” are songs about partying, and both Madonna and Britney have learned that’s all we need to fall in love. We’re easy.

(NB: Also, Fergie is a drag queen, which helps the cause.)