Will & Grace Secrets Revealed! (Shh!)

Willandgrace.0.jpegWe know you don’t watch Will & Grace anymore (except for the reruns on Lifetime), but you should start again to see the end of an era–the show is wrapping up May 18 forever an ever. (Except for the reruns on Lifetime.)

Our friend at Mr. Nightlife has been stalking the cast snagging tickets to the finale tapings, and he’s dishing the dirt on what happens in the final shows. And honestly, from the looks of things, they promise to be quite good. The show must have tracked down the good writers again. You must admit, when Will & Grace is on point, it is some of the best TV out there. Those Thanksgiving episodes belong in the Smithsonian.

For selections of his recap, read after the jump:

Here’s the set up…the scene I saw taped before was only a dream. It is now two years since Grace left Will, remarried Leo, and had her baby girl. Will is now living with his “husband” Vince and their baby boy! And neither Will nor Grace has spoken to each other – since she unexpected left him and their deal of bringing up her baby together.

Seeing they have no other choice…Karen and Jack device a plan for Will and Grace to unexpectedly bump into each other – in the hopes that they’ll reconcile. Which they do.

While that’s happening…Karen unexpectedly finds out, from her accountant, that she is official broke (GASP) and Jack is propositioned by Beverly Leslie to become his new live-in “business” partner (YUCK).

So here’s where the taping I went to begins…

Will and Grace have made up. The entire gang is now at Will’s apartment together, catching up. Karen is hiding her financial situation from Will and Grace, Grace is amazed how Will isn’t as uptight as he use to be, Will is glad to see that Grace is still flat-chested and Jack announces the ridiculous proposal he received from Beverly Leslie’s and how he’d never accept it.

Karen – who is clearly upset by this news – proceeds to drink an entire bottle of vodka, announces that they have to go, and drags Jack out of the apartment in a huff. Once they’re alone in the elevator…a crazed Karen kicks the emergency stop button with her foot and pushes a startled Jack up against the wall. She tells him – that after years of her supporting him with Stan’s money and with her now being broke – that it’s his turn to take care of her and that he has no choice but to accept Beverly’s ridiculous proposal. On a personal note – this is a pretty hilarious scene and you shouldn’t miss seeing it!

While this is going on…Will and Grace are saying their goodbyes and promise that they’ll stay in touch, but they both know deep down inside that this most likely won’t happen. They both now have busy, happy, lives and the time has come to move on. Grace , sadly, leaves knowing that this is the last time she and Will will be together. And as Will closes the door behind her…he also, sadly, knows this too.

The following day, over at Beverly Leslie’s penthouse apartment…Jack is now Beverly’s official boy toy and the sole beneficiary of Beverly’s millions. While Beverly is in the bedroom – preparing to consomate his new arrangement with Jack (by watching a re-run of Magnum PI ) – Karen and Rosario stop by to ask Jack for more money and Karen wants Jack to assure Rosie that he’s really happy with his new arrangement with Beverly.

After a few funny prat falls and hilarious lines back and forth…Jack admits to her that he is extremely unhappy and really wants to get out of it. They agree to walk away from all the money and leave the penthouse together. Beverly, who’s now ready for Jack, comes out of the bedroom looking for him. Thinking that he’s hiding on the balcony…he opens the French doors and is suddenly swept away by a HUGE gust of wind – ala Lara Flynn Boyle in Las Vegas.

And that’s all I know. I swear!

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